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Nissan Z 2022-2023.

Nissan Z 2022-2023.

Nissan Z 2022-2023.

A review of the new Nissan Z 2022-2023.

New generations of cars always attract a lot of attention, and if it is also the legendary models, so the attention will be twice or three times more.

An example of this is the new Nissan Z, which replaced the previously known 350Z and 370Z. The former was discontinued in 2007 and the 370Z in 2020.

By the company’s standards, this was a major sign that either a new model or a new generation of one of these models was in preparation.

More recently, the Z Proto prototype was unveiled and many were already talking about it being the successor to the famous 370Z.

As for the production Nissan Z, it has not changed in any way from the prototype, with the exception of little noticeable point elements.

The new Nissan Z 2021 is also made in a coupe body, as well as predecessors.

Under the hood will be offered a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter gasoline V6.

As standard, it will be paired with a 6-speed manual transmission.

As an option will be offered a 9-speed automatic. Both externally and internally designers have made the car as sporty and practical as possible.

Interior of the novelty is designed for two seats. It should be noted that all modifications will be only rear-wheel drive.

Nissan Z 2022-2023.

Price and equipment

Since the coupe has just been unveiled, it is too early to talk about the full list of options. However, the manufacturer has opened for general understanding, what will complete the Nissan Z.

By standard it is a twin-turbocharged V6 gasoline engine and manual six-speed transmission. Optionally, it will be offered with a 9-speed automatic.

Accordingly there will be at least two configurations. What will be different between modifications Nissan Z, besides technical characteristics, does not disclose yet.

Most likely it will be the interior trim, comfort and safety systems. According to available data, the base model of Nissan Z will cost about $40,000.

Nissan Z 2022-2023.


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Probably the main disadvantage of the new Nissan Z will be almost lack of variety in terms of specifications.

Under the hood of the new coupe will offer only one twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter gasoline V6 engine. Compared to the same Nissan 370Z, the new Z 2021 is much more powerful.

Nissan Z 2022-2023.

According to the manufacturer, this engine has 405 horses and 475 Nm of torque.

In the company’s list, the engine is labeled VR30DDTT. Such characteristics show that Nissan Z became more powerful not 70 horses compared to 370Z, and the torque increased by 108 Nm.

Dimensions of the new Nissan Z 2022-2023

Length, mm 4379
Width, mm 1844
Height, mm 1316
Wheelbase, mm 2550
Width of front wheels, mm 1550
Rear wheel span, mm 1595
Ground clearance, mm
Mass, kg

Manufacturer does not yet reveal what will be the dynamic characteristics of the new Nissan Z.

We can only say that the new coupe will obviously be faster by 15% compared to the same Nissan 370Z. In the opinion of auto enthusiasts, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h should be about 4 seconds.

In tandem with the Nissan Z engine, a six-speed manual transmission will be offered as standard. Not enough?

Nissan Z 2022-2023.

Then a 9-speed automatic transmission will be available as an option. All modifications of the new coupe will be rear-wheel drive without any options.

The company has reworked many of the technical elements of the new Nissan Z. Thus on board the coupe will be installed a system of smooth acceleration of the car.

The power packs with a manual transmission will have a cardan shaft made of carbon fiber. Shock absorbers have been improved, now they use single-tube design of large diameter.

Due to this it became possible to reduce damping force by 20%. In simple words it allowed to minimize the load when hitting the suspension on the rough road, improve the data during the motion of the car and steerability.

The Nissan Z’s front suspension is now made of aluminum and on double wishbones.

The manufacturer also used new geometry, right down to an increased wheel steering angle, which improves the car’s stability when driving in a straight line.

The Nissan Z’s rear suspension is multilever independent, and is also made of aluminum. Like the front, the rear suspension mechanism is completely reconfigured.

For configurations with an automatic transmission, the buyer will be offered a choice of two drive modes, standard and sport.

The standard mode is best suited for long or quiet journeys. The sports drive will completely open up the potential of new Nissan Z.

By the way, regardless of the chosen gearbox, the new coupe has a friction differential and a mechanical clutch. Ventilated disc brakes on all four wheels can stop all this power.

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