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Nissan Z 2022.

Nissan Z 2022.

Nissan Z 2022.

Nissan Z 2022. New production Nissan Z sports car unveiled.

The Z-car is alive! It’s even surprising, but contrary to the global trend of abandoning inexpensive sports cars, Nissan found the courage (and opportunity!) to release a new generation of the legendary «Zetka».

The history of this model has more than half a century: the first Nissan 240Z debuted back in 1969, and since then has released more than 1.8 million cars in six generations. Now the company is abandoning only the digital index.

In most markets, including the priority American market, the new coupe will be sold under the short name Nissan Z.

In Japan, though, the traditional name Nissan Fairlady Z will remain.

The production coupe is a complete repeat of last year’s Nissan Z Proto show car.

The design with retro motifs was ready already then and has not changed at all on its way to the assembly line.

The image was created by a Japanese team, albeit under the direction of the company’s chief designer, Cuban Alfonso Albaisa.

Rear-wheel-drive FM platform with the engine shifted to the limits of the wheelbase is generally the same as in the previous model 370Z, even wheelbase has not changed (2550 mm).

Nissan Z 2022.

But the overall length is noticeably longer: 4,379 mm versus 4,265 mm. Width (1,844 mm) and height (1,316 mm) remained virtually unchanged. The base wheels are 18-inch.

Retromotives don’t dominate in the interior design.

The main revolution is under the hood. Instead of atmospheric V6 3.7, there is now a twin-turbo V6 3.0 model VR30DDTT, already known from Infiniti cars.

To reduce turbo lag, the engine is equipped with compact low-inertia superchargers.

Power is 405 hp and maximum torque of 475 Nm is achieved in the 1600-5600 rpm range. The previous non-inflated engine produced 337 hp and 365 Nm.

The base transmission is a six-speed manual. And instead of seven-speed «automatic» now offered a nine-speed automatic transmission Jatco — almost the same as the Nissan Titan pickup.

The two-pedal Nissan Z has standard gearshift paddles, and in Sport mode, the audio system amplifies the sound of the engine through the speakers.

Nissan Z 2022.

The chassis is the same as before, but has been seriously upgraded. For example, electric power steering is installed instead of hydraulic booster.

The front double wishbone suspension has new geometry and increased castor, and the stretching booster between the supports of struts, which is located directly above the engine, is already «in the base».

All wheels have single-tube shock absorbers. In the corners, the modified chassis allows for 13% more lateral acceleration than the previous model.

The range will initially include a Performance version, which has a number of differences from the base model.

This coupe has a disc-lock differential, stiffer suspension, carbon fiber driveshaft, 19-inch wheels with Bridgestone Potenza S007 tires (instead of standard Yokohama Advan Sport) and a spoiler in the rear.

Nissan Z 2022.

Coupe with «automatic» has launch control, and with «manual» — a similar system Launch Assist, which helps to accelerate from a place with maximum efficiency.

In addition, there are more powerful brakes with four-piston mechanisms at the front and two-piston at the rear (standard two-piston at the front and one-piston at the rear).

Nissan doesn’t give exact performance figures yet, but promises that acceleration time to a «hundred» has been reduced by 15%.

That is Nissan Z should confidently drive out of five seconds. At that, the coupe now has a complex of electronic assistants, including an automatic braking system.

Nissan Z 2022.

The new Zetta will appear on the Japanese market in winter, and sales in the U.S. are expected to start in spring 2022.

And in the beginning there will be available to order a version of the Proto Spec in the style of last year’s show car — with a yellow body, the same decoration and a non-alternative manual gearbox.

Only 240 of these brightly colored cars will be made. Alas, we can not wait for the new Nissan Z in Russia, because even the previous model 370Z we have not officially delivered.

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