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Nissan Z Proto 2021 (400Z).

Nissan Z Proto 2021 (400Z).

Nissan Z Proto 2021 (400Z).

Cars of the legendary Z series will get an updated flagship model, indexed 400Z. The creation of an actual version of the famous sports car has been asking for a long time.

The Nissan 370Z sports car has not undergone body changes and engine upgrades for 10 years. The Japanese automaker recently took this step and revamped the sports car.

The model, which will bear the name Nissan 400Z (code Z35), is not developed from scratch, but is assembled on the latest version of Nissan FM platform and has many common components with the INFINITI Q60 coupe.

Attractive exterior with retro elements

The first photos have already hit the Internet, according to which it is determined that the car has received a sporty silhouette and dynamic character.

From the photographs, we can conclude that the new generation sports car successfully combines modern trends with retro solutions that were present on earlier Z cars.

The rear of the car is not shown, but it can be assumed that the key elements of the retro are:

Nissan Z Proto 2021 (400Z).

• round headlights of a new body, similar to the 240Z model, equipped with LED matrices;
• rectangular radiator grill, reminiscent of the design of the 240Z;
• taillights similar in design to the optics of the 300Z.

The updated sports car has different proportions compared to the Nissan 350Z FairLady. So the new model has a more elongated hood, sloping roof and a shortened rear end.

Thanks to these changes, the sports coupe looks impressive and personable. The car immediately attracts attention. Presumably, the two-seater saloon has the latest infotainment center, an innovative climate system and an updated dashboard.

The Z-series from the Japanese company Nissan, which offers serial sports cars, will soon be replenished with another representative of the family, which will be called the Nissan 400Z (unofficial yet, but the name has already been patented).

Nissan Z Proto 2021 (400Z).

The approximate release date of the new Nissan Z Proto is 2021, but how it will look can be seen today, because this three-door coupe is being built based on the Nissan Z Proto concept car, which was shown by the manufacturer at the end of last summer.

The new milestone will begin with the launch of the 400Z (the 2021 Nissan Z Proto Concept), which will replace the Nissan 370Z that has been produced over the past 12 years.

There is little information about the new coupe, but the developers have definitely decided on the exterior of the car, showing the public a prototype, in the guise of which there are references to the design of cars of the past, and this is an excellent brand move to attract a new audience, because the retro design in the new Z Proto is just wonderful !


The company’s design bureau has already announced the dimensions of the body of the 2021 Nissan Z Proto: the car will be 117 mm. longer, but retains the same width and height — 4382x1850x1310 mm.

Nissan Z Proto 2021 (400Z).

The size of the rims is also known — 19 inches. In the photo shoot of the prototype, the very first representative of the line was involved — the three-door Nissan 240Z, which gave its more modern brother a characteristic silhouette, while creating the design of the stern, the developers were clearly inspired by the exterior of another related model, which was produced in the 90s. — 300ZX.


The Japanese did not hide the interior design of their new serial sports car, which, unlike the exterior, received a minimum of references to retro cars. In contrast, inside the Nissan Z Proto, the driver is greeted by a 12.3-inch diameter high-tech virtual instrument cluster and a pretty console with a large center touchscreen display.

Below it is a trio of rotating relays that help to adjust the indoor climate, and on top they are complemented by a trio of «sporty» dials. Surprisingly, the classic round three-spoke multifunction steering wheel fits perfectly here, but the side ventilation deflectors remained on the door cards, as was done on the 300ZX version.

Technical part

In addition to an updated look, the new 2021 Nissan 400 Z adds power. According to not yet officially confirmed data, the car is planned to be equipped with a 3.7 liter V6 power unit developing 370 horsepower. It is also possible to use the smaller 3.0L INFINITI engine with two turbines of 400 horsepower.

The motors will be mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission found in the sporty Infiniti, but there is speculation that a manual transmission will also be offered. The sports car will remain rear-wheel drive with a front engine layout.

Nissan Z Proto 2021 (400Z).

There is no information about the power plant that will appear under the hood of the 2021 Nissan 400Z, but during the demonstration of the prototype it became known that it was equipped with a V6 biturbo engine coupled with a six-speed manual transmission.

Most likely, the production version will have an «automatic», while the engine power, according to the representatives of the Japanese company, will be at the level of 405 liters. from.

For comparison, the previous Z-series Nissan 370Z was equipped with a 3.7-liter V6 engine with a variable valve lift system, which produced up to 336 hp. from. power and 366 Nm of torque.

The gearboxes for him were the 6-speed manual transmission and the 7-automatic transmission automatic transmission.

The exact price and date of the official presentation of the car are unknown.

But the company confirmed that the Nissan 400Z should be expected in 2021, and, in general, it is planned to launch 12 new models in production over 18 months, starting in January 2020.

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