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Nissan Z Proto 2021.

Nissan Z Proto 2021.

Nissan Z Proto 2021.

The Nissan Z Proto sports car showed what the new coupe will be like.
The history of Nissan Z-cars has been going on for more than half a century: since 1969, more than 1.8 million of these relatively inexpensive sports cars have been produced.

Moreover, there was only one break in this story, when from 2000 to 2002 there was no Z-model in the range: just then Nissan was on the verge of bankruptcy.

However, no more breaks! The current sports car Nissan 370Z, which has been in service for almost twelve years, will soon be replaced by a new car. Its harbinger was the Nissan Z Proto coupe.

Nissan Z Proto 2021.

So far, this is only a running prototype. Development has not yet been completed, so there are not many official details about the car.

For example, the only thing known about the power unit is that it is a V6 biturbo engine with a six-speed «mechanics».

Two decades later, the Z-car will return to turbocharging, although such engines were offered for a surcharge in the eighties, and in the nineties the Nissan 300ZX was considered «real» with the Twin Turbo prefix.

In the meantime, the Nissan Z Proto invites us to admire the design with retro quotes. The creation of the image was carried out by a Japanese team, albeit under the guidance of the chief designer of the company, Cuban Alfonso Albaisa.

Nissan Z Proto 2021.

The overall silhouette and shape of the headlights is a reinterpretation of the very first Nissan 240Z coupe. But the stern and especially the taillights are made in the style of the same model 300ZX of the nineties.

The machine’s only published specifications are dimensions.

The new coupe has become noticeably longer than the current one (4382 mm versus 4265 mm), but the width (1850 mm) and height (1310 mm) have hardly changed. The prototype has 19-inch wheels.

Nissan Z Proto 2021.

Retro motives do not dominate in interior decoration.

The link between generations is only hinted at by the three-spoke steering wheel with a small hub, a trio of additional scales on the top of the front panel (like the first 240Z) and ventilation deflectors located on the doors (like the 300ZX).

But the main devices are now virtual, on a 12.3-inch screen. By the way, the traditional mechanical handbrake has been preserved.

Nissan Z Proto 2021.

And now about what is known unofficially.

According to preliminary information, the production car will be called the Nissan 400Z (the company has already registered such an index), and under the hood there will be a new three-liter engine with a capacity of about 405 hp. Of course, in addition to the «mechanics», there will be an automatic transmission.

Nissan does not name the exact date of the production car. But, most likely, it will be presented in 2021.

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