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Opel Combo-e Life 2021.

Opel Combo-e Life 2021.

Opel Combo-e Life 2021.

Opel Combo-e Life 2021: urban version of an electric car in the back of «minivan».
As part of the project of transferring urban transport to electric traction, Opel is offering a passenger modification of the popular commercial minivan, which will be delivered under the name Opel Combo-e Life 2021.

Affordable, practical and functional, the next generation model is focused on urban exploitation. The novelty will delight the owners with the spaciousness of a fairly comfortable 5- or 7-seater saloon, ergonomics of seats, additional functionality of electronic equipment and road safety systems.

The new body harmoniously combines in its design the advantages of a modern petrol-powered minivan with the noiselessness, economy and environmentally friendly advantages of an electric drive.


Restyling affected the appearance of the minivan in small details. In the photo, the novelty is identified only by the modified corporate logo supplemented with the letter «E». In the recognizable front end design, the electric van Opel Combo-e of the Life 2021 series demonstrates:

• compact format and longitudinal stepped bonnet profiles;

• decorative cladding of the upper part of the front end, complemented by the winged brand logo;

• dynamic strokes of running lights and smooth contours of blocks of xenon or more powerful LED optics.

Opel Combo-e Life 2021.

The lower segment is equipped with a trapezoidal ventilation duct grill and air diffusers framed by ribbed perimeters with integrated fog lights.

Positive emotions are generated by the new model in a less bright and stylish side projection. In the field of view — the contrast of the black gloss of the roof rails and window trims with the paint-and-lacquer decor of the case, rounded outlines of square mirrors and a set of figured longitudinal reliefs. The attention is also drawn to the interesting composition drawing of the silver 16-inch wheels.

When viewed from the rear side, the Opel Combo-e Life 2021 at first glance is recognizable by the hexagonal glazing of the hinged door and the angular configuration of the aft optics shades installed on the side pillars.

As a legacy from the cargo predecessor, the passenger modification received a spacious doorway and a ribbed bumper designed as a step. External decorative chrome plating is present only on logos and nameplates, most of the decorating functions are assigned to a variety of wave and stepped body reliefs.

Opel Combo-e Life 2021.


The interior decoration of the cabin is made on the basis of inexpensive, beautiful and durable materials of fabric, kozhimite and plastic assortment. A characteristic feature of the novelty is the thoroughly expanded capabilities of media electronics and road safety systems.

Future owners will have to appreciate:

• information content of the virtual instrument panel;

• possibilities of the onboard media complex supplemented by command functionality;

• efficiency of work of numerous comfort-forming options.

The latest developments in the field of automotive electronics, including navigation systems and electronic assistants, which are responsible for the safety of driving a car in difficult conditions, are used in the configuration of the new model range.

The sports steering wheel with a raised rim is supplemented by two blocks of command buttons. As part of the three-tier center console:

• 12-inch diagonal touchpad;

• a set of horizontal ventilation deflectors;

• analog control panel responsible for activation and adjustment of the climate control system.

The complete set of a high tunnel tightly adjacent to the dashboard offers a well for small-sized things, as well as a set of organizers closed with a curtain. The layout is completed by a comfortable armrest, which also serves as a cover for the capacious glove compartment.

Opel Combo-e Life 2021.

The pilot seats of the first row with lateral support details and a standard list of service functions are well-profiled and ergonomically flawless.

The seats of the second, and with a seven-seater layout and the third row, offer a backrest tilt. To increase the nominal volume of the 597-liter trunk to 2,126 liters, the body structure provides for the transformation of the rear seats. Transportation of long vehicles is possible by fixing the front tilt of the first row passenger seat.


The dimensions of the electric van in the new edition are 4300 x 1892 and 1801 mm, in a long seven-seater modification, the body length is 400 mm longer.

The characteristics of the undercarriage are presented in a limited volume: the length of the center base is 2785 mm, the ground clearance is 160 mm, the combined chassis suspension, the presence of disc brakes and a modern set of active safety systems.

• Opel Combo-e Life 2021 is driven by an economical asynchronous motor mounted on the front axle with an output of 130 hp / 260 Nm. The test drive confirmed that the 50-kilowatt energy capacity of the modular battery provides the electric van with a range of 280 km.

Opel Combo-e Life 2021.

• The time for dialing the first hundred is 12.3 seconds, the maximum speed is electronically blocked at 125 km / h. With a dedicated charging terminal, the battery capacity is restored to 80 percent within 30 minutes.

Options and prices

A thoroughly modernized, new Opel Combo-e Life 2021 model year is promised in modifications with a standard and extended body. The release of new items on the European market is expected in early or mid-autumn, so the price of each specific model will be announced no earlier than the beginning of the summer season.

Sales start in Russia

Due to the problems of the cold climate and the lack of a developed network of charging terminals, electric vehicles in our market are in very limited demand. It is highly likely that the release date in Russia will remain in question for a long time.


The electric minivan Combo-e Life has few real rivals. Similar models of the Renault Kangoo Z.E class can claim the status of competitors. MAXI, Mercedes-Benz V 300 EQV300, Nissan e-NV200 or Volkswagen I.D. Buzz.

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