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Opel Corsa 40 Years 2022.

Opel Corsa 40 Years 2022.

Opel Corsa 40 Years 2022.

The Opel Corsa celebrates its 40th anniversary with a limited edition 40 Years: all the features of the model.

The legendary Corsa A was introduced back in 1982. Since then it has been loved by motorists from all over the world.

To celebrate the anniversary, Opel is releasing a special limited edition Corsa 40 Years 2022, which consists of only 1982 cars.

A month ago, the Corsa was the most popular car in Germany, and the company managed to sell more than 14 million cars in 40 years.

The anniversary model is released in a symbolic retro style. It is painted in a bright red «Rekord Red» like the first Opel Corsa 40 years ago.

What’s more, the eye-catching shade contrasts with the black roof. And by darkening the front and middle pillars, the manufacturer created the «soaring» roof effect.

Opel Corsa 40 Years 2022.

Also, to improve the two-tone exterior design, the grille and side mirrors are made black.

Complement the image 17-inch glossy black alloy wheels with matte accents and a spoiler on the roof.

The atmosphere of vintage in the interior is created by checkered upholstery, which was popular in European cars in the 1980s.

In addition, this interior design is popular and relevant today.

Opel Corsa 40 Years 2022.

Therefore, the interior of the Corsa 40 Years will not leave anyone indifferent.

The uniqueness of the car is emphasized by a plate with the numbering from 1 to 1982, mounted on the dashboard on the passenger side.

The number is located on a black background and framed with a red line.

The hatchback comes with standard equipment and safety features: frontal collision warning, automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection.

Opel Corsa 40 Years 2022.

The car also has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity and automatic LED headlights.

The car is on sale now, so Opel Corsa fans should hurry.

The Opel Corsa compact comes in a 40 Years anniversary version with elements from a 1980s retro car.

It is hard to believe, but compact Opel Corsa, which is quite popular in EU countries and even sold in Russia, was produced 40 years ago.

So that this event did not go unnoticed, the manufacturer decided to release a special anniversary edition, which is called Opel Corsa 2022 40 Years.

The model has received a number of exclusive details on the exterior and interior, paying tribute to the version that was released 40 years ago.

Opel Corsa 40 Years 2022.

So first of all we should mention the bright red color of the body Rekord Red.

The compact hatchback is equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels in glossy black color.

The same color is present on the rear-view mirror housings, the radiator grille, as well as the spoiler mounted on the roof.

Inside, the tartan upholstery looks quite exclusive. This is the material used by most European brands in the 80s, when upholstering the interior of their models.

Also inside the model there is an individual license plate, indicating the number from 0001 to 1982.

Equipment comes standard with fully LED headlights, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, and front collision warning with automatic pedestrian detection braking.

Judging that the Corsa is one of the company’s best-selling cars is at least by the numbers.

In fact, during those 40 years, over 14 million models were sold worldwide in various modifications, and the manufacturer simply could not ignore this event.

Now its baton gradually passes to a more technologically advanced, fully electric Opel e-Corsa.

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