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Opel Insignia 2020

Opel Insignia 2020

Opel Insignia 2020

Opel Insignia 2020 — restyling of the model (new optics, multimedia and ICE)
Not so long ago, Opel was sold to the PSA concern and in the near future no one expected high-profile novelties. But, as it turned out, in January 2020, before moving to a new platform, the company will present another restyling of its premium model — Insignia.

As before, the liftback and station wagon will be immediately released. The presentation will be held at an auto exhibition in Brussels, however, a small layer of information is already available.


There will be no differences in technical characteristics between the bodies. The Insignia platform will also remain from General Motors. By the way, the Chevrolet Malibu is produced at the same one. It is noteworthy that this platform implies a longitudinal version of the installation of power units, the ability to connect all-wheel drive and the presence of internal stabilizers.

As it became known, the electric power steering and a new braking system will also be included here, which will significantly reduce the braking distance. How is still unknown.

Opel Insignia 2020

There is no information on power units yet. According to rumors, the novelty will feature one of the Opel Astra engines. In total there should be five motors for different trim levels. Two will be diesels and three gasoline. The presence of a turbocharger is also not known.
It is planned that the displacement will be from 1.6 to 2.0 liters, and the return is from 140 to 259 hp. It is known that overclocking of top-end configuration will be in the region of 4.9 seconds, and the budget one will please 6.6 seconds.

It was announced that the new Insignia will become more technologically advanced and will receive an expanded package of electronic assistants. A new rear view camera with a 90-degree view, a rear door sensor under the bumper (it will be possible to open the trunk with a swipe of your foot), new parking sensors, a new adaptive cruise and a traffic sign recognition system are announced.

Opel Insignia 2020


On the net, the body of the predecessor, or rather the front end, was constantly compared with VW Golf. Restyling Opel Insignia in this regard has become more like him, although not without its own charm.

The charm of new items in an even greater bias of Opel designers towards minimalism. If the predecessor already looked good, then they tried to erase absolutely everything that is possible. The output was a streamlined body, with a minimum of stampings and unnecessary parts.

At the same time, the remaining ribs only emphasized the dynamics and added their own, personal style.
If you go around the car, the only thing the eye can complain about is the lower part of the front end with not quite neat C-shaped diffuser lines and a slightly obscure rib on the edge of the trunk lid. Otherwise, everything is perfect.

Opel Insignia 2020

On the side, a neat rib accentuates the edge of the glass of the rear door, exhaust nozzles and dimensions are neatly inscribed on the back, not a fanciful radiator grille in front and no less beautiful optics.

As for the station wagon, everything is not so good here. On the side were added a chrome molding, an envelope of door glass, a shark fin and a hinged wing. It looks generally good, but if you take the recently shown Octavia, in the new universal body, in comparison with the Insignia, it looks more advantageous.

In terms of dimensions, the Opel Insignia 2020 in the back of the liftback will increase by a couple of millimeters and nothing more.


The interior changes are minor. The filling went for a replacement multimedia. A wireless charging platform was added and the seats were replaced in the direction of ergonomic AGR models.
Nevertheless, minimalism was transmitted from the outside to the salon. A torpedo deployed towards the driver got rid of almost all physical buttons. Some of them were removed to the multi-wheel with interesting buttons in the form of joysticks, the rest is presented in multimedia.

They decided to leave the physical buttons of the audio system.
Tidy remained analog, a massive armrest is also available, and nothing more to say. As with the bodywork, everything is done so that there is nothing to catch on the eye. This creates a feeling of comfort and lightness in famous quality for the same affordable price by modern standards.

Opel Insignia 2020


The price is quite affordable, but still does not reach the level of the brands remaining in the Daimler family. But with the Czechs and Koreans, the new Opel will be able to compete on an equal footing.

Among the main competitors in terms of trim levels and price tag, one can identify Czech colleagues with their expected Skoda Octavia 2020 and, if anyone decides to add a hundred thousand — KIA Stinger.

Price and sales start date

As already noted, the official presentation will be held in January 2020. When the car begins to arrive at dealers is not yet clear. Most likely this will happen by the middle of the year.

The price tag so far is only approximate, for the basic package of Insignia in the back of a liftback, Opel will ask about 1.6 million rubles. Wagon by analogy with its predecessor will be more expensive by about 150 thousand rubles.

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