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Opel Insignia GSi 2022.

Opel Insignia GSi 2022.

Opel Insignia GSi 2022.

Opel Insignia GSi 2022. Opel Insignia will get serious revisions and a 300-horsepower engine: first photos from Irmscher.

After months of no news, Irmscher is back in the fray with a new sports kit for the Opel Insignia.

This package completely transforms the look of the German model and also upgrades its interior, performance and even changes its name. The Irmscher Insignia iS3 2022 has already been shown in photos by the tuning studio.

To this day, there is nothing more sporty in the Lightning sedan lineup than the Opel Insignia GSi.

This version offers an extra dose of sportiness without going to the aggressive extreme.

Under the hood of such a car there is a 230-horsepower engine. Experts on tuning models of the German brand considered such amount of «horses» insufficient.

Therefore, they declared their intention to release a truly unique project in 2022.

The Irmscher Insignia iS3 is still under development. However, it is already known that this project will turn into reality in 2022.

Opel Insignia GSi 2022.

It is also clear that the model will be made in sports style. The car will be equipped with a special kit to transform the exterior.

There will be a new grille with thin carbon fiber slats in front.

At the same time the German model will keep the side vents with inserts made of satin chrome.

Opel Insignia GSi 2022.

Also at the front will be installed a noticeable spoiler, painted in gray. Thereby the developer will create an attractive contrast.

German tuners paid a lot of attention to aerodynamic properties of the future market debutant.

That’s why the car will have side skirts with special trim.

Opel Insignia GSi 2022.

At the bottom of the rear bumper an aerodynamic diffuser will be installed with two large-diameter exhaust pipes, located at the edges.

And on the trunk lid two bright spoilers can be seen.

Opel Insignia GSi 2022.

Also Irmscher will install 20-inch alloy wheels Heli Star, which together with 30 mm reduced height of the body (thanks to the springs with a shorter stroke) gives a new look to the car.

Under the hood of the car will be a 2.0-liter turbo engine, which will be increased to 300 hp.

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