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Opel Manta-e 2024.

Opel Manta-e 2024.

Opel Manta-e 2024.

The first phase of Opel’s transition to cleaner fuels ended with the electric Mokka and Corsa, and the German brand is now preparing to move into the second phase.

The strategy is to release two more electric cars before 2025 and one of them will be the all-new Opel Manta-e 2024, which is apparently scheduled to debut in 2024.

It is worth noting that the second electric car is the Astra-e.

So, unlike the Astra-e, the new Manta-e will not be a compact model, as its body length will be about 4.7 meters and it is still shorter than the flagship Opel Insignia sedan.

Thus, the new Manta will be between the two «old-timers» of Opel’s lineup.

Its length of 4.7 meters will allow positioning a new car as a D-segment model, but it will not be a sedan, but something like a sports coupe-like crossover with a low roof line.

An independent designer from one of the foreign internet portals showed a rendering of what the Opel Manta-e might look like.

Judging by the presented rendering the Manta-e will get the newest family design of Opel Vizor, and especially it will be traced in the front and rear parts of the novelty.

Opel Manta-e 2024.

However, the side profile of the model might grab the most attention with its flowing lines, air intakes at the beginning of the rear fenders and flush-fitting door handles on the door panels.

The design shown in the photo of the model is very futuristic, so don’t expect it to be the same in the production version of the electric car.

The new Opel Manta-e will be based on the French-Italian STLA-Medium architecture, which is actually one of the most advanced architectures on the market.

It allows the electric car to carry on board battery packs with an energy capacity ranging from 87 to 104 kWh, giving it a range of 700 km without recharging.

Opel Manta-e 2024.

This platform also supports an all-wheel-drive system and electric motors with an output from 170 to 245 hp.

The 2024 Opel Manta-e electric sports crossover has been shown on the web.

Opel will have a real flagship before the middle of the decade. The future Opel Manta-e will hit the car market in 2024.

If the Mokka and the new Corsa opened a new phase in the Lightning brand’s development by debuting electric cars, Opel is already preparing the second phase of this sustainable mobility strategy.

Opel Manta-e 2024.

The German brand has planned new zero-emission models until the middle of the decade.

The Manta-e will be an advanced electric model, which the brand confirmed last summer.

The designers of the future crossover bet on very sporty lines in generous proportions.

The result will be a very sporty and elegant set with an attractive Vizor design occupying the front and rear.

The side line will attract the most attention. The smooth angle of the windshield and rear pillars will create a domed shape throughout the interior.

Opel Manta-e 2024.

The future Opel Manta-e will be based on the French-Italian automaker’s new STLA Medium platform.

It’s an advanced architecture that will allow installation of powerful 87 to 104 kWh batteries between both axles.

The autonomy of the car will reach 700 kilometers. Different configurations of front, rear or all-wheel drive are expected.

The electric motors will produce a minimum of 125 kW and a maximum of 180 kW, i.e. between 170 and 245 hp.

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