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Peugeot 2008 2021.

Peugeot 2008 2021.

Peugeot 2008 2021.

The new body of Peugeot 2008-2021 model year replaced the 207 SW wagon, immediately turning into a full-fledged mini-crossover, which today is a global model assembled in Spain, Brazil and China.

The first generation of the SUV, released in 2013, was strongly unified with the station wagon, and in the second generation version that appeared last year, the aggregate and technical similarity of the cars only increased.


The new generation is built on the Common Modular Platform, where the rear suspension is a semi-independent design.

And yet, externally, Peugeot 2008 2021 looks like a thoroughbred crossover, more reminiscent of the «older» 3008 model, moreover, the latest modernization has led to a noticeable enlargement of the body:

• length — 4300 mm. (+ 141 mm.);

• width — 1770 mm. (+ 11 mm.);

• height — 1530 mm. (- 26 mm.);

• wheelbase — 2650 mm. (+ 112 mm.)

All these metamorphoses have added interior space to the cabin and made the luggage compartment more spacious (+ 45 liters).

Peugeot 2008 2021.

The electronic «filling» was also updated, which once again increased the manufacturability and performance of the front panel, the architecture of which the French call i-Cockpit.


The French SUV Peugeot 2008 2021 model year of the second generation has significantly changed, getting rid of a number of controversial design decisions. The C-pillars are half black and fit perfectly in both body colors and black.

The upper line of the glazing got rid of the strange influx and decorative trim, and the stern received a larger bumper and new LED optics. In front, the new body began to look more mature, the headlights changed their shape again, and the radiator grill lost its chrome frame.

Peugeot 2008 2021.


The French do not hesitate to continue their endless experiments in the field of automotive design, and this time they offer another vision of the «intelligent cockpit».

The new virtual tidy is located above the steering wheel rim. On par with it is the multimedia display, which has become more productive and received a navigator along with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support module.

The «aviation» climate control keys fit perfectly into the futuristic interior of Peugeot 2008, and an unusual transmission joystick was chosen to complete the appearance of the i-Cockpit.

Peugeot 2008 2021.

Technical stuffing

Peugeot 2008-2021 model year will remain a front-wheel drive SUV with the presence of intelligent traction control system Grip Control. The range of engines is traditionally wide:

• petrol 1.2-liter «triplets» PureTech of varying degrees of boost (100, 130, 155 hp);

• Diesel 1.5-liter BlueHDi turbo engines (100 and 130 HP);

• electrical unit with a capacity of 136 liters. from. (260 Nm of torque).

For the most powerful gasoline and diesel internal combustion engines, an 8-automatic transmission is provided, for the rest, the basic transmission is a “mechanics” with 6 gears. Also, «automatic» can be optionally ordered for modification with 130-horsepower PureTech.

The electric version of the Peugeot e-2008 will be equipped with a traction 50-kilowatt battery, which can guarantee a range of 310 km. (WLTP cycle). From a 100 kW terminal to 80% charge, such a battery can be recharged in 30 minutes.

Peugeot 2008 2021.

When will it be released in Russia?

For a long time, the PSA concern remained silent about the possibilities of official sales of the Peugeot 2008 2021 SUV in Russia.

The lack of plans to assemble the model in Kaluga could put an end to any expectations, but in early autumn the French announced that the crossover would still appear in Russian showrooms.

These will be cars of the Spanish assembly, and for our country only three-cylinder petrol engines for 100 and 130 liters have been identified. from.

The first will be equipped with a mechanical «box» as standard, and the second will be able to be aggregated with a six-speed automatic transmission for a surcharge.

Budget crossover configurations for 2008 will offer inexpensive fabric upholstery and a 5-inch media screen.

The most expensive equipment will receive all available options, including Nappa leather, 10-inch touchscreen, panoramic roof, wireless charging for gadgets and more. dr.

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