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Porsche 718 GTS 2020.

Porsche 718 GTS 2020...

Porsche 718 GTS 2020.

Review Porsche 718 GTS (Cayman and Boxster) — the price and characteristics of fast cars.
Porsche 718 series in 2016 was unsuccessful. At that time, the developers installed on the Cayman (coupe) and Boxster (roadster) failed (in terms of sales) 2.5-liter turbo engines.

In the summer of 2019, the manufacturer rehabilitated and released premium versions of the line with 4.0-liter aspirated and everything went like clockwork.

In 2020, Porsche will roll out another variation of the 718s, this time in the GTS series. Taught by bitter experience, the Germans will again abandon the turbine in favor of the 6-cylinder opposites. What comes of this, below.

Porsche 718 GTS 2020..


Fresh Cayman and Boxster got the same boxer aspirated with 6 cylinders and 4 liters similar to last year’s GT4 and Spyder. Nevertheless, the power characteristics were somewhat «bolted».

If last year’s news could boast a return of 420 hp, then Cayman and Boxster give out 20 hp. smaller. The cutoff at revs also suffered — 7800 rpm, compared to 8000.

The difference in dynamics was not critical. The maximum speed of GT4 and Spyder was 300 km / h, with new products 293. Acceleration to hundreds of 4.4 versus 4.5 seconds, respectively.

You can also recall that before the installation of turbo engines, in 2014 the GTS line showed 330 hp. So the increase in power in new products is more than substantial.

In terms of technology, the main difference between Cayman and Boxster in the 2020 model year was the lack of a PDK robot.
Instead, Porsche will offer a non-alternative 6-speed manual transmission, which proved to be excellent in tests on a mountain road.

In conclusion of this section, it is worth noting that in comparison with 2019, the new coupes and roadsters do not demonstrate anything innovative.
If in 2016 Cayman and Boxster rolled back, then in 2020 they only return to their previous level with tiny successes in terms of dynamics.

Porsche 718 GTS 2020.


To be honest, Porsche is not a fan of changing the body. And the new Cayman and Boxster are living proof of this. In principle, no one has anything against it. Although each line still has its own characteristics.

So, the GTS differs from its counterparts in the presence of the line symbols on the wings and stern, and the decor is designed in black — the mesh parts of the front bumper body kit, fog optics, the side air intake and the entire rear dimensions block are painted.

Also in tone is the lower rear bumper block, in which there was a place for two niches for large round exhaust tips.

Porsche 718 GTS 2020...


Like it or not, Porsche is a luxury car, which means that the internal filling is appropriate here, especially since we are talking about the Germans.

The steering wheel, individual parts of the torpedo, seats, the central tunnel and door cards are trimmed with premium Alcantara leather, and the front panel has a carbon trim.

Depending on the chosen interior design, customers can have a red line and a different dashboard design. GTS logos by default on all head restraints.

In terms of equipment, Cayman and Boxster are packaged with integrated multimedia with a 7-inch screen, advanced navigation, racing functionality, voice control and a premium speaker system from BOSE.

Porsche 718 GTS 2020....

Price and sales start date

Sales of the Porsche 718 GTS in native Germany will begin in March 2020. Cayman and Boxster will also come to us, but only in the middle of summer.
The price tag for the basic configuration for Russia has already been announced. New from 400 hp on board will cost 5.86 million for the coupe and 5.93 million rubles for the roadster.

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