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Porsche Cayenne 2018.

Porsche Cayenne 2018.

Porsche Cayenne 2018.

Planned exit in mass market a new Porsche Cayenne in 2018. Currently, some features are already known vehicle, however, the serial production of the items may be changed.

Porsche Cayenne has always been quite fast cars, however, the novelty should surpass all expectations and become the most dynamic in the world in this class.

This will be the third edition of a sports crossover, which the developers are trying to do even better than its predecessor. Slightly change the appearance, but radically upgraded interior.

Porsche Cayenne

A little history

The first Porsche Cayenne was released in 2002, based at the Volkswagen Touareg platform. First, consumer reaction to the new product has been mixed, because the crossover for the German mark quite unusual model. But over time, the car has become a benchmark in its segment among luxury cars.

The first were the only two options that have eight-cylinder engines:

Cayenne S
Cayenne Turbo

In 2007, began to appear the first changes in the Porsche Cayenne, models have become more powerful and got fuel injection. The base V6 engine began to develop 290 hp and top models version Turbo and Turbo S — 500 and 550 hp

After updates Porsche Cayenne has become the most popular car among SUV lovers.

And now in 2017 all looking forward to the last restyling of the popular car. Let’s try to look forward and reveal some secrets of the upcoming trends in 2018.

Porsche Cayenne.

Exterior news

Test models of the new Porsche Cayenne were captured by photographers. Despite the presence of camouflage, some features can be seen, and through him.

The very body of the roof line will be more athletic, and expand the wheel arches. Model release on the same platform as its predecessor (Audi 07 and Bentley Bentayga). This will reduce the overall weight of the car, as the developers have used high-strength steel and aluminum. According to some sources becomes less crossover weight per 100 kg.

Photospies and professionals suggest that the rear optics will be radically changed, made more modern. The headlights will remain intact, the same round and elegant. Although the hood will be transformed under the Macan. From a distance, the novelty will be something similar to the Panamera Sport Turismo.

It is planned that the designers will change the grille and air vents on the sides of the machine. There are indications that the rear doors decorate strip that visually connects the front and rear optics.

Porsche Cayenne...

look inside

Photospies could not get close enough to shoot a new interior detail crossover, but there is evidence that the third generation Porsche Cayenne will be in reminding Panamera. That is, you may receive a totally new steering wheel, instrument cluster will be reviewed and will be the center console that controls functions of the car just one touch.

It is known that the console itself will be equipped with a screen of 12 inches, so the controls also move on the central tunnel. And also will be a new gear selector lever, an electronic handbrake and ventilation control.

It is planned to install Wi-Fi access points, change and improve the multimedia system. In this case all of the functionality and ergonomics, which is characteristic of the second generation of the car will remain at not lower than the previous level.

Among the basic version of the options you can select multiple elements:

Sensors of rain, wind and tire pressure;
Seats can be adjusted using the center console;
Heating and ventilation all seats;
Full range of safety systems;
brake system Torque Vectoring Brake;
Parking sensors and monitoring of blind zones via video;
And also added a rearview camera.

And, of course, it will be improved security of passengers and the driver, and will remain different climate control systems and air conditioning. For upholstery natural materials and metal elements added will be used at the same time remain in the cabin comfort and luxury, which is inherent in the brand Porsche Cayenne. Sami seats will receive enhanced lateral support.

Porsche Cayenne..

Technical equipment of the Porsche Cayenne 2018

Full information on the complete «under the hood» of the car yet. However, there is information that the Porsche Cayenne will be released in two versions with six and eight cylinders. At the same time on the engine type will be the following combinations:

2.9-liter V6 engine (turbine);
4.0 l. V8 petrol version;
Exchangeable hybrid engine (3.0) V6;
Motor diesel (it is little known).

Journalists covered the information which they said Wolfgang Hutz, the model 2018 can accelerate to 300 km / h and above. For this speed just need the eight-engine option.

Porsche Cayenne....

Start of sales

The exact release date is not yet known. She was not kept secret, simply do manufacturers still can not determine the exact time frame of release of the new Porsche Cayenne in 2018.

The estimated cost of the model with 8-cylinder engine running on gasoline of about 110 thousand. Dollars.

We will closely monitor developments and report on new developments in the life of the popular crossover Porsche Cayenne, whose output is expected because buyers.

Test drive the 2018 Porsche Cayenne




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