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Porsche Taikan 2020.

Porsche Taikan 2020.

Porsche Taikan 2020.

Electric Porsche Taican 2020 — the first electric car with a Turbo engine.
The first train from Porsche has long flashed on the Internet. Finally, the concern brought the technical part to mind and introduced to the world its first all-electric Porsche Taycan 2020 sedan.

It is noteworthy that in 2010 the brand presented the concept of an electric car under the name Mission E, but they only brought the idea to life after almost a decade.

In social networks, the new Taikan was immediately dubbed the killer of Tesla. It seems that this is the 20th “killer” in the last year alone. Just say that this is not so. Why, consider below.

Porsche Taikan 2020.


Porsche immediately rolled out two models of electric carts. One got the Turbo prefix, the second Turbo S. As usual, the difference will be minimal, but the price tag changes significantly.
The first thing that starts the review of trains is from the platform.

Although Tesla gave the world her patents, the Germans went their own way, combining the best minds of Porsche and Audi, their own platform was designed. According to experts, the mechanisms of the new platform are inferior to Tesla in terms of ease of execution, but should show similar reliability and uninterrupted operation.

The Taikan center of gravity is also represented by lithium-ion batteries mounted on the floor of the electric car. So the weight distribution here is really no worse than that of Mask products.

But what Porsche could outperform competitors in was the 800-volt electric train. This allows you to use a minimum of wires and recharge the battery to 80% in just 22 minutes.

The batteries themselves are represented by 33 modules with water cooling and a capacity of 93.4 kW. The warranty on the battery is 8 years or 160,000 km. Manufacturers predict survivability up to 15 years. Good performance by today’s standards.

But back to the platform, more precisely to the power units. Unlike Tesla, where an electric motor for each wheel, Taikan received two synchronous motors on each axis. This design naturally gives the car all-wheel drive.
The suspension received pneumatic active stabilizers and carbon-ceramic brakes, which now go to all new Porsches. Here it is worth mentioning the differences between turbo and turbo S.

The first option offers 625 hp. the sum of two motors. In sport mode, the power rises to 680 horses. With a weight of 2.3 tons, the electric car accelerates to hundreds in 3.2 seconds, which by the way is inferior to Model X with its 2.8 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 260 km, and the range of 93.4 kW of the battery is 380-450 km, depending on the driving mode.

Turbo S squeezes up to 761 hp, and accelerates on par with Model X. The speed limiter remains at 260 km. Nevertheless, the battery costs the same, so the power reserve was reduced to 412 km.

Porsche Taikan 2020.


There is no point in discussing the body design of a company such as Porsche, and looking for flaws in general is a bad job. By the way, it is not much different from the new Panamera. Sloping hood and characteristic circular arches included. LED headlights front and rear. Each bend and wave is calibrated to the millimeter.

Taigan is not small. The length reaches almost 5 meters — 4963 mm, the width was just not enough up to 2 meters — 1966 mm, the height like a sports car — 1381 mm, which already gives an understanding of how the landing looks.

The length of the wheelbase of the electric platform is 2900 mm. Thanks to the air suspension, the clearance can be adjusted. The range is represented by 108-150 mm.
Rims received an original forged pattern. In the turbo version, the diameter is 20 inches, the Sk is equipped with 21-inches.

Porsche Taikan 2020.


As befits a premium electric car, the interior is replete with electrics and luxury materials. Porsche got as many as three touch screens plus a virtual dashboard.

Two screens were placed on the dashboard, one on the front passenger side. The third was implemented in a smooth transition from the torpedo to the central tunnel. There is no gearbox under it, the protrusion is left solely for convenience.

The steering wheel received several control buttons. On the door cards, power management is implemented. Design is sustained in urbanism.

Gray panels mixed with blue LED backlighting, carbon and leather trim make up a unique combination. The quality of materials and the assembly of questions does not arise.

Thanks to the length and width of the place, it is enough with the head. By the way, there are two luggage carriers in Taikan. The front is 81 liters, the rear is 366. The interior itself received a 4 + 1 layout if the retractable armrest was removed on the rear sofa. The salon is equipped with a full package of pillows for each passenger.

As with Tesla, Taikan is predicted to have high test scores. A low center of gravity and an airbag on impact in the form of a front trunk are required to minimize injuries.

Porsche Taikan 2020.

Price and sales start date

Sales dates have not yet been announced, but pre-order is already open. The approximate date of receipt is April-May 2020. Russian dealers will not have an electric car in the showroom, but upon pre-order, Taycan will be delivered to the end customer.

Compared to Tesla, the price tag is cosmic. For Taikan Turbo will have to pay 10.6, and for Turbo S 12.9 million rubles. So there’s nothing to say about any competition with Tesla, which is no worse in terms of road performance, and in many ways better than new items. The cost of Tesla fell to 3 million rubles.

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