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Porsche Taycan by TechArt 2021.

Porsche Taycan by TechArt 2021.

Porsche Taycan by TechArt 2021.

Porsche Taycan by TechArt 2021. Tuners from TechArt have prepared a body kit for the Porsche Taycan and finalized the interior.

German studio TechArt has prepared a carbon body kit for the Porsche Taycan to make the electric sports car more visible on the road.

The body kit itself turned out to be quite restrained and for the most part emphasizes the original design of the model.

At the front, the modified car attracts attention with the presence of a splitter, as well as special inserts in the air intakes and headlights.

Porsche Taycan by TechArt 2021.

On the side, the sports car has 22-inch TechArt Formula VI wheels, which the tuners prepared for the model back in June twentieth.

The electric car has carbon fiber side skirts, decorative triangular corners in the front windows and the same mirror housings.

Porsche Taycan by TechArt 2021.

At the rear of the modified Taikan, there are inserts on the sides of the bumper, and there are also overlays on the spoiler and diffuser.

In addition, a plank with the name of the atelier flaunts here.

TechArt’s carbon fiber body kit is reportedly available in either matte or glossy finish. The client can choose their colors from a wide palette of shades.

The tuners finished the interior of the car with perforated leather with black Alcantara inserts. The latter are found on the seats, door cards and dashboard.

Porsche Taycan by TechArt 2021.

The interior of the model is also characterized by the presence of a number of contrasting accents. Plus, a new steering wheel is installed here, on which the company logo flaunts.

But the tuners did not touch the technical «stuffing» of the electric sports car.

The company has not yet announced the cost of these improvements, but they promise to soon launch an online configurator on their website.

Porsche Taycan by TechArt 2021.

It is known that customers will be able to configure the aforementioned body kit specifically for themselves by choosing certain components from the list, as well as their color and performance.

Of the ready-made parts for the new item, only the new 22-inch TechArt Formula VI wheels, designed specifically for the electric vehicle, are now available for purchase.

It is stated that customers will be offered various options for painting and decorating wheels.

The tuning studio is also working on an aerodynamic body kit for the Porsche Taycan, as well as a set of interior accessories.

New items will be presented at a later date.

TechArt did not rule out that the electric car will be offered improvements to the power plant, if possible.

The company is currently exploring the potential for tuning electronics.

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