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Prodrive Hunter 2023.

Prodrive Hunter 2023.

Prodrive Hunter 2023.

Prodrive Hunter: a production off-road supercar based on a rally-raid car.

British company Prodrive has introduced a civilian Hunter, which can be driven on public roads, but its main element is still sand and stones.

Twenty-five examples will be produced, costing from £1.25m each.

Last summer Prodrive presented an upgraded Hunter rally-raid car of T1+ group, intended for Dakar rally, and now the road-going Hunter is ready, which anyone can buy if he has «extra» £1.25 million of course.

The first buyer was Bahraini Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, his sand-colored car is shown in the pictures.

The basis of the Hunter is a spatial frame of high-strength steel, and the exterior panels are made of composite materials.

Prodrive Hunter 2023.

The interior retains the FIA homologated safety cage, but the interior design of the civil version is redesigned by Ian Callum (until 2019 worked as Jaguar’s chief designer) in the direction of more convenience compared to the race car.

The shape of the front panel has been changed, more comfortable seats, a more familiar-looking center console with a multimedia screen and a new digital dashboard, and noise insulation has been significantly improved.

Prodrive Hunter 2023.

The 480-liter fuel tank located behind the cab can be optionally reduced in order to increase the luggage compartment.

Overall length of Prodrive Hunter is 4.6 meters, width — 2.3 meters, height — 1.85 meters, wheelbase — 3.0 meters. Civic Hunter is 100 mm lower than the race truck, as it has 35-inch tires instead of 37-inch, but the suspension travel was increased by 50 mm to 400 mm for better ride comfort.

Suspension itself is the same as that of a race car: double wishbones «in a circle» and two adjustable shock absorbers per each wheel.

Prodrive Hunter 2023.

The brakes are ventilated discs with six-piston calipers on each wheel. The engine is front but behind the front axle, so Prodrive calls the Hunter mid-engine.

The engine is a modified 3.5-liter gasoline Ford V6 with two turbochargers (the same is in the Bronco Raptor), its output compared to the race car, the specifications of which are limited by the regulations, increased by about 50%: the power — more than 600 hp, torque — 700 Nm.

Transmission is a 6-speed robot with massive paddle shifters on a steering column.

Drive is four-wheel drive, of course, with three differentials (inter-axle and two interwheel).

Prodrive Hunter 2023.

Up to 100 km/h Prodrive Hunter accelerates in less than 4 s, maximum speed — about 300 km/h.

Production of civilian Hunters will be undertaken by the Prodrive company, whose headquarters is located in Banbury (England, Oxfordshire). It will take about two years to produce the entire run.

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