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Range Rover Sport 2024.

Range Rover Sport 2024.

Range Rover Sport 2024.

The world premiere of the new generation Range Rover Sport SUV took place.

On May 10, the 22nd Land Rover Company officially presented the Range Rover Sport SUV of the 3rd generation.

The design of the model in the new body became a little more «clean» and modern. The car has retained all the features of its predecessor, while in its appearance we can guess a number of solutions from the «junior» Evoque, as well as from the «senior» Range Rover 2022.

In particular, it has received narrow headlights and lights, as well as retractable door handles.

By the way, the model already has matrix headlights in base, and for extra charge the developers offer adaptive headlights, each of which has 1,3 million micro-mirrors.

The last just form a light beam, and also allow «drawing» tips on the road.

In turn, lights at the SUV in the new body for the first time have gained additional sections of the fifth door, with the license plate «moved» from the trunk lid to the rear bumper.

Proportions of the body remained the same, but in general the design of the car became a little «cleaner», which the developers managed to achieve by reducing the number of joints and seams.

The SUV received a larger spoiler on the fifth door. Moreover, henceforth it is available with wheels up to 23 inches in diameter (previously the maximum was 22″).

Range Rover Sport 2024.

The interior of the third-generation model in many respects repeats that of the new Range Rover.

On the front panel, there is a 13.7-inch digital dashboard and 13.1-inch curved touchscreen multimedia system Pivo Pro with vibration response when you press and an integrated voice assistant Amazon Alexa.

There’s also a projection display and an interior mirror with a built-in screen that displays images from the rearview camera housed in one of the two «fins» on the roof.

The developers report that they managed to achieve an increase in available space in the legs of passengers (the distance between the rows was increased by 31 mm).

Moreover, the third row for the car can no longer be ordered (from now on, this option is a privilege of the flagship Range Rover).

By default, the interior of SUV is trimmed with fabric, but some configurations imply the use of expensive semi-aniline leather.

Seats with electric adjustments in 22 directions and advanced air-cleaning system are designed to please the passengers.

Range Rover Sport 2024.

The Meridian audio system, which consists of 29 speakers and has a power of 1,430 watts, can be ordered for an extra charge.

The new Range Rover Sport 2023 is based on the MLA-Flex (Modular Longitudinal Architecture) modular platform with a longitudinal engine arrangement. According to the developers, the body’s torsional stiffness has increased by 35%.

Compared to its predecessor, the SUV also became slightly larger.

In length it reaches 4,946 mm (+ 67), and in height — 1,820 mm (+ 17). Wheelbase is claimed to be 2,997 mm (+54). Volume of the trunk — 835 liters (+ 55).

The front axle uses double wishbones, but the rear suspension is completely new — five wishbones are installed on each wheel instead of the previous four.

In the base SUV is due to pneumatic suspension with adaptive two-valve shock absorbers Bilstein and dual-chamber air balloons (first time on RR cars). Range Rover Sport 2024.

Depending on the version, the standard clearance of the model is 209 or 216 mm, but if desired, the suspension can be raised up to 274 or 281 mm. It is reported that the truck is equipped with eHorizon system.

It is oriented to indications of an onboard navigator and before every turn it pre-adjusts rigidity of running gear taking into account activated driving preset and current speed of the vehicle.

As an option for the model, you can order the Dynamic Response Pro chassis, the main feature of which is active stabilizers.

The 48-volt electric motors involved here are capable of developing up to 1,400 Nm of torque, suppressing rolls, but when moving off-road, they are disabled.

And there is also Stormer Handling Pack available for the SUV. It includes the mentioned active stabilizers and active rear differential with a fully steerable chassis, and the latter reduces the turning diameter to 10.95 meters (- 1.58).

Traditionally, a wide choice of power units is offered for the Range Rover Sport.

Range Rover Sport 2024.

Mostly it is petrol and diesel in-line «six» of Ingenium family, which has soft-hybrid superstructure in the form of 48-volt starter-generator by default.

The base gasoline modification in the lineup is the P360. It uses a 3.0-liter engine with an output of 360 hp (500 Nm). In the P400 model the same engine develops 400 hp (550 Nm).

In turn, the diesel versions are also equipped with a three-liter engine.

On the initial variant D250 its output is 249 hp, and on more advanced variants D300 and D350 — 300 and 350 hp respectively.

The top variant of the new Range Rover is P530, which is already equipped with a 4.4-liter gasoline V8 from BMW. This twin-turbo engine is capable of developing 530 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque.

Acceleration from a place to a hundred in a flagship modification is possible in 4.5 seconds and the maximum speed is 250 km/h.

At the same time in the future there should be even more powerful SVR-version of the model, where this unit will develop more than 600 «horsepower».

Exactly on the European market the Brits have staked on the PHEV hybrids with the 143-horsepower electric motor built into the gearbox. There are two such versions in the range at once, and both are based on a gasoline three-liter engine.

The P440e has a performance at the level of 440 hp (620 Nm), and the P510e — 510 hp (700 Nm). The most powerful hybrid is able to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 5.4 seconds.

Compared to PHEV-versions of the previous generation, new models are equipped with a traction battery of increased capacity: from 13.1 to 38.2 kWh.

Claimed mileage on electric power alone is 113 km (according to the cycle WLTP), although in reality the car is unlikely to go more than 88 km.

All listed models have eight-speed automatic ZF and two-speed transfer gearbox.

Permanent four-wheel drive is not available: the model has transmission with multi-disk clutch at the front axle.

Interestingly, in the future the new Range Rover Sport will also have a full electric modification, which will be the first battery-operated car of the British brand.

There is not much information about it yet, as its debut is planned only for 2024.

As for the cross-country ability, it in the SUV in the new body should remain on top.

The electronic Terrain Response 2 system and off-road adaptive cruise control (for the first time on the Range Rover) with four modes of operation are declared for the car.

The car is able to storm fords up to 900 mm deep and climb inclines of up to 45 degrees.

As before, the new Range Rover Sport will be produced at the plant in English Solihull. «Live» sales of the SUV should start in the fall of the twenty-second, although taking orders has already started.

So, in the States for the base car (P360) are asking from $ 83,000 (5.7 million rubles at current exchange rates), but prices for the top version of the P530 «First Edition» comes to $ 121,500 (8.4 million rubles).


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