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Range Rover SV 2023.

Range Rover SV 2023.

Range Rover SV 2023.

Two months after the presentation of the standard model, Land Rover has unveiled the updated Range Rover SV 2023.

The car features a luxurious performance and a variety of configurations.

The manufacturer estimates that about 1.6 million Range Rover SV variations are available to customers.

One of the main changes Land Rover calls the appearance of ceramic parts, which decorate the body and interior.

In particular, the SV badge, mounted on the outside panels, is made of this material. The volume control, transmission selector and gearshift lever are also made of ceramic.

And, according to the manufacturer, each part takes about 10 days to produce.

Part of the cabin of the new Range Rover SV is finished with a veneer and a special mosaic made of small pieces of plywood.

This version is available with both standard and extended versions of the SUV.

As in the case with ceramics, Land Rover specialists spend several days to make the mosaic and attach the veneer. It is stated that all work is done by hand.

In addition, the new SUV has received unique seats, trimmed with semi-aniline leather with custom embroidery.

There is also a choice of fabric trim made of eco-friendly materials.

Range Rover SV 2023.

Range Rover SV has prepared its own 23-inch wheels, metal grille and a number of other decorative solutions. The color palette includes 14 different shades.

Land Rover has not yet announced the exact release date of the new SUV on the market.

Pre-orders are expected to start in early 2022. By default, the Range Rover SV is equipped with a 523-horsepower twin-turbo engine.

For those who have found the regular Range Rover to be something ordinary, they won’t have long to wait.

Range Rover SV 2023.

In 2022, Land Rover opens the order book for its flagship SV (Special Vehicle) model.

And, traditionally, when it comes to British SUVs, the list of options looks more like a virtual visit to a museum of art.

Everything starts with an innocent emblem «SV» on the body. But when it comes to the Range Rover, it can’t be «just a nameplate» — it must necessarily be made of ceramic.

Also, to distinguish in the flow of the exclusive version from the version «for the poor» are called some external elements.

Range Rover SV 2023.

This is a slightly modified front bumper and grille, decorative side inserts and several types of new wheels — they are made of alloys and their combinations unavailable to the usual Range.

But of course, the Range Rover reveals itself completely only in the cabin. The same ceramics on the rotary knobs of various systems and the selector of automatic transmission modes are at the disposal of refined customers.

In addition, you will be offered a mosaic marquetry of specially prepared pieces of natural veneer 6×8 mm. Certainly, you can make up a drawing yourself.

And if a client is confused by the abundance of options (it is said more than a million and a half variations of finishing), they can choose from ready-made combinations.

Range Rover SV 2023.

The manufacturer states that to prepare all this wealth is used a special precision grinder, combined with sandblasting the elements and polishing them with diamond abrasives (probably also handmade).

Needless to say that the pattern of embroidery on natural leather of the finest dressing is also unique and can be specified by the buyer.

And for those who want to seem like an environmentalist, the replacement of real leather with premium synthetic leather by Ultrafabrics is provided.

Speaking of ecology. Even with unnatural eco leather, the owner will hardly accept green: the petrol twin-turbocharged V8 of 522 forces shows itself too brightly — it will be put under the hood of SV.

It is not reported about the price of the exclusive Range Rover, but it is hardly a key factor that interests potential buyers of British products.

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