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Renault Arkana 2020.

Renault Arkana 2020.

Renault Arkana 2020.

Renault Arkana 2020 is a new cross-coupe model with a strict design for Russia.

The new version of the popular crossover got its name from the corporate body, which the company has developed specifically for this line. For domestic motorists, only one configuration will be available — Edition One. At the moment, this version of the car is limited and is considered the richest in equipment.

Presentation and cost

The first display of the Arcana of the 2019-2020 generation took place last year. This premiere was prefixed with a concept. Journalists and car enthusiasts appreciated the presented concept, and after almost 10 months the car went on sale. By the way, the new model was created based on the prototype of the model, which was personally developed by the head of the Renault design department.

According to preliminary information, the new crossover will be available for pre-registration from May 24 of the reporting year.
The premiere with a new body and maximum high-quality filling will cost potential buyers 14.2 million rubles for a model with front-wheel drive. The all-wheel drive version of the Arkana 2019 model year will cost a little more — almost 15 million rubles.

Renault Arkana 2020.

New items will appear on the shelves of domestic car dealerships closer to July, so far only in two variations. At the presentation, the developers said that they plan to provide several more affordable, but less powerful models for the territory of Russia.

Delivery of a petrol power plant without a turbocharged system with an engine capacity of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 115 horsepower is expected. Possible release date — spring 2020.

Appearance and innovations

The main change in this series is the new body. Now the car can be safely called a hybrid version, which combines many elements of a coupe and a crossover at the same time.

There is also an almost perfect balancing of body dimensions, which makes the Renault Arkana versatile in any driving environment. Even at the presentation, many motorists noted the stylish and characteristic appearance, which gives off elements of severity and solidity. To increase the safety of passengers, the developers have added many inserts of their chrome or heavy-duty plastic.

Renault Arkana 2020.

The engineers decided to significantly redesign the main lighting system, add headlights with the Pure Vision function. Rear Hybrid Lights with 3D Edge Light support. In the external design of the novelty there are few luxury elements, everything is as strict as possible.

Body length — 455 cm,
width — 182 cm.
height — 157 cm.
Clearance size — 205 mm.

It is noteworthy that the new body gives an angle of entry of 21 degrees and an exit of 26 degrees.
At the moment, the coupe-crossover is available in 7 color options:

1.traditional white.
2. silver color.
3.Dark gray.
4. deep red.
6.brown green.
7. Total Black.

The standard disc size is 17 inches. A choice of light-alloy Ortis or Montis with diamond-cut effect. There is also a steel version — Celebris.

Renault Arkana 2020.

Salon interior

The interior of the new car in all its glory conveys the atmosphere of solidity. The most thought-out design, many modern technical innovations and high-quality paneling. Materials of the highest quality are provided for the Edition One model.

The first thing that catches your eye is the steering wheel, which can be adjusted along three axes and, if desired, heat the rim to the desired temperature. The number of buttons and functions is minimal, but everything you need is present in it.

There is a highly informative panel as the main element. The latest generation Easy Link sound system with a screen diagonal of 8 inches is responsible for the playback of sound and video in the updated Renault.

There is a possibility of synchronization with Yandex.Auto, Android Auto and Apple Car Play. Sound is reproduced by 8 Bose speakers.

Analog climate control system, the first row is heated automatically. The car can also be opened without a key using a button. There are many electronic assistants, the most interesting of which are tire monitoring sensors, the Renault Start power plant start system. There are 6 high-level airbags for safety.

Unfortunately, the starter version will not be able to provide such a rich technical arsenal, but it will clearly be able to please with high-quality material and all the necessary functions. The amount of useful free space in the trunk varies from 510 to 1332 liters, depending on the location of the seats in the cabin. The volume of the glove compartment is 20 liters.

Renault Arkana 2020.

Power indicators

At the moment, only two engine options are provided in Renault Arkana. The first is a petrol-based four-cylinder with a displacement of 1.6 liters. The number of horsepower is 114 units and 156 Nm. The unit is designed for the front pull model. The gearbox is of a mechanical type or with a variator from Jatco.

The power plant is more powerful with an engine volume of 1.3 liters and a capacity of 150 horsepower and a turbocharged system. Traction to both front and rear wheels. For this model, only 7 liters of fuel are enough, with an octane number of 92.

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