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Renault Arkana 2022.

Renault Arkana 2022.

Renault Arkana 2022.

The Renault Arkana 2022 looks a lot like its pre-reform version. This is explained by the fact that the manufacturer did not change the body or interior of the car last time.

He also did not affect the technical part of the crossover. But at the same time, the French model became better after the modernization.

The thing is that the Arkana has got quite a wide list of new equipment.

Prices for the crossover now start in Russia from 1.286 million rubles. In «base» the car offers a standard set of equipment for its class, while in top modifications appear leather seats, all-around cameras, atmospheric interior illumination and other equipment.

Interestingly, but for 2 years that Arkana is presented in the Russian market, the list of its competitors has not changed: it still includes only Haval F7x.

Technical Specifications

Renault Arkana 2022 has retained both the former basis B0+, which was specially modified for this car, and the same new body.

However, the published photos show that small changes in the design of the exterior were still made by the manufacturer.

As noted earlier, more extensive adjustments have been made to the equipment and prices of the French model. But the technical characteristics of the crossover remained unchanged.

The Arkana in Russia is available with two powertrain options, known from other Renault models. As standard, the coupe-like crossover is equipped with an «atmospheric» 1.6-liter engine.

It produces no more than 114 hp of useful power and 156 N* of torque. Together with it a choice of 5-band manual transmission or stepless variator is offered.

Renault Arkana 2022.

The Arkana in this version consumes up to 7.1 liters of fuel on average and accelerates to 100 km/h in 12.4 seconds.

Remarkably, but the base versions with «atmospheric» are supplemented with all-wheel drive only if «mechanics» are installed. This transmission supports 3 driving modes, including a hard locking axle.

The second engine with the volume of 1,3 liters is completed with a turbine. It develops no more than 149 hp of power and 250 N*m of torque.

Together with it comes only a continuously variable variator, in combination with which the unit consumes up to 7.1 liters of fuel and provides acceleration to 100 km/h in 10.2 seconds.

The French model is based on McPherson front struts and a rear torsion bar, which in all-wheel drive modifications is replaced with a multilever suspension.

Its front subframe has been strengthened, which increased the level of passive safety. The length of the French model is 4545 mm, width — 1820 mm, height — 1565 mm. Wheelbase size is 2721 mm, clearance — 205 mm.

Renault Arkana 2022.

Features and Prices

In Russia, the Renault Arcana is presented in five versions. At the same time, the list of modifications available to buyers is significantly more.

The starting version of the French model costs almost 1.29 million rubles. Along with the basic package you can buy only the «atmospheric» engine, but with both «manual» and variator.

As standard, the crossover is equipped with aluminum wheels with a radius of 17 inches, LED front and rear optics, heated side mirrors, servo and LED turn signal repeaters.

In addition, the French model is equipped by default with a four-speaker audio system, air conditioning with cabin filter and a full-size spare tire.

Drive .
The second configuration costs 70 thousand rubles more than the basic.

The steering wheel in this configuration is covered with synthetic leather. In addition, the headlamp is complemented by the function of automatic switching on at darkness, the wipers — when it rains. Front fog lights are offered at extra cost with this modification.

Renault Arkana 2022 in the Style version costs not less than 1.512 million rubles. In spite of the fact that the car has noticeably grown in price, it has lost light-alloy wheels, which with this and subsequent configurations are offered only as an option.

Renault Arkana 2022.

But in Style version there are front fog-lights, seats with combined furnish, lumbar support in first row seats, climate control equipment and a multimedia complex with an 8-inch touch screen, support of mobile gadgets and six speakers.

As an option, this package offers electric heated rear seats and seats with leather upholstery. In addition, chrome moldings and a parking camera become standard.

LE Pulse
This is one of the two new kits, which received the Renault Arkana 2022. This version of the French model, evaluated at 1.717 million rubles, is available only with a turbocharged engine.

The amount also includes decorative inserts in carbon fiber, electric heating of the second row of seats, side curtains and an improved stereo system with eight speakers.

The list of optional equipment in this case expands due to the side and front view cameras, navigation and systems for monitoring «dead» areas and road signs recognition.

Top version of the French model costs 18 thousand rubles more than the previous one. Such a surcharge is provided for the appearance of a system of monitoring «dead zones».


Arkana after the modernization made externally has not changed at all. The only thing that distinguishes the current version of the car from its pre-reformed version is the appearance of new chrome trim on the body.

Renault Arkana 2022.

The Arkana stands out for its elongated and sloping hood, which rests on the company’s radiator grille with a metal slat running through the top. C-shaped LED headlights go down from the head optics of the crossover.

The front bumper of the French model has three air intakes, crossed by a set of thin horizontal slats. Shorter stern of the Arkana is complemented by a noticeable spoiler and original optics: between the rear lights there is a thin LED line, which is closer to the center of the front door curves up.

Interior of the French model after the modernization also remained the same. Inside there are only special badges, which go together with the top versions.

Arkana is equipped with a standard for its class touchscreen monitor, which is mounted so that it resembles a built-in TV. Underneath it is a climate control unit with three large washers.

Divided into two segments, the transmission tunnel contains a gear lever mounted at a slight angle, and a large selector for selecting driving modes.

Launch of sales

The Arkana, after the upgraded packages, will appear on the Russian market in 2021. As before, the crossover is assembled at the Moscow automotive plant.

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