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Renault Dacia Spring 2021.

Renault Dacia Spring 2021.

Renault Dacia Spring 2021.

Budget electric car Dacia Spring: production version.
The cheap Renault Kwid micro hatchback has finally made it to the European market! Let it be under a different brand and in a different guise.

The story of his life is as follows: five years ago, the Kwid with a gasoline engine made its debut in India, two years later its seriously modified version appeared in South America, and in 2019 an electric version called Renault City K-ZE came out on the Chinese market.

The next tour is from China to Europe: here this electric car is presented as Dacia Spring.

This Dacia differs from Queed by and large only in technology and slightly more expensive equipment, but in order to maintain a low price, the company opted for inexpensive components.

Including a humble electric motor that only produces 45 hp. and 125 Nm, and a compact traction battery with a capacity of only 26.8 kW • h.

Renault Dacia Spring 2021.

Outwardly, the Dacia Spring differs from the updated Queed only with new taillights, nameplates and decor such as a modified pattern on a cap that imitates a radiator grill (behind it is a charging connector), as well as bright accents on the sidewalls of the body, roof rails and side mirror housings.

Machine length — 3734 mm, width — 1622 mm, height — 1516 mm. The ground clearance is 150 mm versus 180 mm for the gasoline Queed: a traction battery is installed under the bottom.

In the interior, improvements are reduced only to a new four-spoke steering wheel and a modified interior trim.

Renault Dacia Spring 2021.

And the control of the recirculation mode in the climate system is assigned to a servo with a button instead of a mechanical slider.

In expensive trim levels, a media system is available (with a seven-inch touchscreen display, a navigator, a Bluetooth connection, a USB connector and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces), as well as air conditioning, a rear-view camera, coupled with parking sensors, powered mirrors and a full-size spare tire.

However, the list of basic equipment is much more modest: it includes a monochrome screen on the front panel, electric power steering, central locking and power windows. Trunk volume is the same 300 liters as Queed.

Renault Dacia Spring 2021.

But already in the initial configuration, the European Dacia Spring boasts six airbags, ESP, a speed limiter and an automatic braking system, which, according to the company, operates at speeds from 7 to 170 km / h.

True, the driver will hardly be able to use the full potential of this system: the maximum speed is limited to 125 km / h, and the company decided to leave the acceleration time to “hundreds” behind the scenes.

The declared cruising range for the WLTP cycle is 225 km, although in city mode it can be increased to 295 km.

When Eco mode is activated, the power of the electric motor is reduced from 45 to 31 hp, and the maximum speed is forcibly reduced to 100 km / h.

Renault Dacia Spring 2021.

It will take less than an hour to recharge the battery 80% from the quick terminal, and from a standard 220-volt outlet, the electric car can be charged in about 14 hours.

Pricing has not yet been announced: at the beginning of 2021, Dacia Spring will appear in European car-sharing services, and electric cars will go on public sale only in the fall of 2021.

At the same time, the «cargo» version of the Cargo will join the range with a Spartan saloon without a back sofa and an 800-liter luggage compartment: its carrying capacity is 325 kg.

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