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Renault Duster 2024.

Renault Duster 2024.

Renault Duster 2024.

The new generation Duster crossover will retain all-wheel drive and off-road capabilities.

The appearance of a new generation of the popular crossover should take place in 2024. However, there are already interesting details.

The Dacia company in 2024 should start selling the third generation of the Duster crossover. In Russia, this model is sold under the Renault brand.

At the heart of the car will lie architecture CMF-B. If you compare with the current platform B0, the new platform gets a number of advantages.

The main thing is a wide range of possible configurations. All this should lead to the fact that the handling and driving comfort will become even better.

Also the head of the Duster said that there will be no change in philosophy.

The car will remain competitive off-road despite its compact size.

In particular, a high ground clearance and all-wheel drive system will be available.

Renault Duster 2024.

Recall that the CMF-B platform has already debuted — it is used in the third generation of Dacia Logan and Sandero, as well as a wagon Dacia Jogger with off-road potential.

But the fate of the next generation of Renault Duster in Russia is still unknown.

The French company has not yet decided on its future in our country.

What will be the new Renault Duster, which will be released in 2024.

Renault Duster 2024.

This is in our country Renault Duster only just changed a generation, in European countries the model in the current iteration is presented under the brand Dacia since 2016 and is preparing in the near future for a restyling, but the change of generation is not far off. So what will the new Duster be like?

The new Dacia Duster, like the third generation Logan and Sandero, will get a new platform — CMF-B. Yes, the same on which all future Lada, including the successor Niva Legend are designed.

The new platform will allow reconsidering of the design, including cardinally.

Renault Duster 2024.

It is assumed that the model will borrow solutions from Logan and Sandero, as well as from the conceptual crossover Bigster, shown in January 2021.

The Dacia logo will also be updated and is likely to help relaunch the brand, changing the perception of the brand’s cars as compromised but affordable.

The new Duster likely won’t have a diesel engine. The crossover will get moderate-hybrid units, dual-fuel (gasoline+gas), and E-Tech versions like the new Clio and Arkana.

Renault Duster 2024.

E-Tech can be both unplugged and plug-in.

All-wheel drive modifications will remain in the range, and it is possible that an electric motor will be responsible for the rear axle — this solution will be cheaper than the traditional mechanical 4×4 with driveline.

In Europe they predict price increase by a couple of hundred euros. For example, now Duster in Germany can be bought starting from 11,990 euros.

The new Dacia Duster may appear in early 2024.

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