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Renault Espace 2020.

Renault Espace 2020.

Renault Espace 2020.

Renault Espace 2020 — a new minivan with matrix optics and autopilot.
The era of minivans is rapidly leaving. This niche is filled with practical and aesthetically attractive crossovers. Most manufacturers, like VW, no longer see the point in stamping this body for Europeans, releasing only one-time models for Chinese and Indians.

But the French think differently. The guys from Renault, despite weak sales (12 thousand copies in 2018) decided to fight to the end and are releasing a global restyling of their family man — Espace 2020.


In fact, we have a completely different car. Everything is new here: platform, engine, equipment, interior. Renault Espace has become the result of millions of investments in the plant, where the minivan will be assembled.

Renault Espace 2020 is a modular box, you can try it on Megane IV or Talisman. Here is a four-wheel drive. Thanks to the rear wheels, which are taught to steer, the minivan has a reduced turning radius and increased stability at high speeds.

Also, adaptive stabilizers were installed here. Additionally, owners will be able to customize the behavior of the car depending on the needs and condition of the road using three electronic modes.

Renault Espace 2020.

The Renault Espace has two engine options. One on gas, the second on diesel.
1. The first is a 1.8-liter 225 hp turbo engine at 300 Hm.
2. Under the second, a 2.0-liter turbodiesel with 160 hp boost options is offered. at 360 Hm and 200 hp at 400 Hm.

The transmission is represented by a 6-speed robot with a wings in the form of a washer. It is worth noting that mechanically it is not connected to the checkpoint in any way. That is, the guys from Renault just left their usual form, while replacing the mechanics with electronics.

Dynamics is not the strongest place for minivans, but here the Espace 2020 model year is also in order. With a gasoline unit, acceleration to hundreds occurs in 7.8 seconds at a flow rate of 8 liters per 100 km. Diesel engines show results in 10.5 and 9.1 seconds with an average consumption of 6.6 liters.

Special attention deserves the equipment of a minivan. The main feature is autopilot. Of course, he is not as advanced as that of Tesla, but he also knows how to do something. For example, keep the car within the lane, keep it in the center of the lane, return it back to the lane and recognize pedestrians in conjunction with emergency braking.

Renault Espace 2020.

In traffic, the autopilot will also feel good. At the same time, the security system does not allow the driver to remove his hands from the steering wheel.

Such a rich autopilot could not help but share achievements with the parking sensors. He knows how no less: he watches pedestrians, warns of obstacles and can put the car himself, even along, even across.

Here is another innovation — matrix optics. With her, the French really got confused. The work of the headlights is carried out due to the readings of a special camera, which looks forward at half a kilometer.

Then the electronics adjusts the matrix segments. It reduces brightness, turns individual elements on or off and eliminates glare from other objects, for example, road signs, while the smart system adjusts the rays so as not to blind the oncoming drivers.

Renault Espace 2020.


The latest restyling Renault Espace saw the light in 2013. So the look is not so fresh anymore. But with the new Espace, everything is much better, although the updates are pretty targeted, but everything is in place.

The body became smoother, the LED dimensions got a new shape and pattern, the body kit architecture changed slightly, new, more «colorful» enamels and 20-inch wheels appeared. The highlight was the panoramic roof with an area of ​​as much as 2.8 meters.

That’s all. It is worth noting that as far as the French are not strong in design, it is Espace that looks really good. A little pretentious, but it does not spoil it at all.

Renault Espace 2020.


According to the classics, the interior of the new Renault Space has a 7-seat layout. The choice of light and black leather options. On equipment buyers will receive:

9-inch multimedia screen (two USB sockets, one jack)
two cup holders,
virtual tidy on 10 inches with the ability to customize,
ventilation and massage chairs
wireless charging and multifunction.

It is worth noting the originality of the center console, smoothly turning into the central tunnel. It looks extremely modern and minimalistic. Even fierce haters of French design will like this design.


Given that most manufacturers do not plan to sell their minivans in the declining European market, there are still a couple of competitors for Renault Espace.

These are the Honda Odyssey, Citroen C4 Grand Picasso and Opel Zafira Life. A great rival could be Viloran about VW, but he will only be sent to China.

Price and sales start date

The price tag was announced initially — 2.8 million rubles for the basic configuration. How much the rest will cost is still unclear.
Espace will not be sold in Russia, and Europeans will be able to purchase a smart cart at the beginning of the year. Exact numbers have not yet been indicated.

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