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Renault Espace TCe 225 2021.

Renault Espace TCe 225 2021.

Renault Espace TCe 225 2021.

Renault Espace TCe 225 2021. A premium minivan sounds strange, especially when it comes to the Renault brand. In fact, the manufacturer decided to occupy this niche with the new generation Renaut Espace 2021 and its luxury version Initiale Paris, a separate luxury brand like Citroen’s DS.

The car came out in 2015 at the Paris Motor Show, and in 2018 it received light updates.

Immediately the car was shrouded in questions, firstly, it has little resemblance to a minivan in size, and secondly, when the sliding door will already appear.

Because of this, the manufacturer itself gets lost, sometimes calling it a crossover.

Design Renault Espace TCe 225 2021.

Appearance is the strong side of the car, which is made in the style of the new Koleos, Megane and Talisman.

The development was done by Airbus designers who introduced aviation lines, thereby achieving an excellent drag coefficient of 0.3 Cx.

The front end of the Frenchman attracts with the squinted look of the fully LED headlights Light Emitting Diode.

Inside the headlights there are two Pure Vision LED modules, responsible for low and high beam.

The optics are connected to the V-shaped chrome grille, the lower trim of which emphasizes the lower part of the headlights.

The bumper is highlighted by a convex lower shape with horizontal fog lights with a chrome overlay.

From the side looks beautifully swiftness of the body of the new Espace 5 with powerful swollen wheel arches.

Renault Espace TCe 225 2021.

The window frame has been designed in an interesting way, narrowing at the top at the back. The entire window frame is framed in chrome.

The chrome décor goes over the rearview mirror pillar — stylish, and the style is also supported by the lower molding. Base wheels are 17-inch, optionally expandable to as much as 20-inch.

The rear of the minivan looks decent. There are inverted T-shaped lights, most of which are on the fenders and the strut.

The massive power-operated trunk lid of course deepens in the middle for design. The bumper got chrome inserts — kind of maintaining the front style, but on the other hand so do the nozzles of the exhaust system.

It is pleased with the retractable towbar, which spoils the picture of design, but it is a handy thing.

Renault Espace TCe 225 2021.

The dimensions of the Frenchman:

length — 4857 mm;
width — 1888 mm;
height — 1675 mm;
Wheelbase — 2884 mm;
ground clearance — 160 mm.

The car is offered in 11 colors — plenty of choice.

Sit down and sit down — Renault Espace interior

The subtitle concerns ergonomics. It would seem that a minivan usually has much space and different niches for small things, and the last generation is a treasure of glove compartments.

Everything is different here, there is no place to put a 1.5-liter bottle, you will not find a suitable place at all. It does not stipulate in concept of a minivan. And on back seats the situation does not change.

Since it is a premium class, good materials in the form of leather, soft plastic and silver inserts are used here. Optionally, the silver inserts are replaced by glossy ones, which are very easy to smudge.

Renault Espace TCe 225 2021.

The seats here are comfortable: at the front are electrically adjustable with good lateral support. In the back, there is a sofa of three separate seats.

The third row of seats of Renault Espace is cramped. There are optional very nice wrap-around headrests. There are mechanical curtains and its own climate control in the back.

The trunk is small — 247 liters, but once you fold the third row will get 614 liters, and if you also fold the second row will come out 2000 liters. In the luggage compartment there is a remote control for automatic folding of rear rows, regardless of their position — convenient.

The driver gets a 3-spoke leather multi-steering wheel with chrome elements. Behind the steering wheel is a dashboard with a TFT display that mimics the necessary gauges.

On the side of the center well are electronic tank level and engine temperature indicators. The color of illumination and style of display changes depending on the choice of driving mode.

Renault Espace TCe 225 2021.

The Espace 2021 has a stylishly designed center console, with an extended 8.7-inch vertical R-Link 2 touchscreen display that can be controlled with the Multi-Sense joystick.

The side contour line of backlighting, which changes color, looks beautiful. Through the multimedia controls everything up to the climate, but left the classic climate control selectors, so you do not have to retrain.

The bridge with a joystick of a gearbox, behind which there is a puck Multi-Sense is stylishly made. This bridge for status is made of wood. Under the bridge the cupholders are inserted — not the most convenient place.

The list of interesting equipment in the top trims:

electric seat adjustments;
separate climate control;
rear seat curtains;
electric trunk lid;
ventilation of the front seats;
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto;
massage function;
Bose audio system with 12 speakers;

Renault Espace’s panoramic roof is interesting, starting from a thin partition after the windshield.

From the outside, it looks like one huge windshield of 2.8 square meters — essentially an imitation of the glass of the Tesla Model X.

Such a big car the French have installed small volume motors, which is fashionable now. All motors are paired with either a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed double-clutch DCT robot.

Renault Espace V minivan is built on CMF modular platform, used by Nissan X-Trail. It uses 4Control suspension, which changes rigidity and provides rear axle steering.

Five modes are accessible for a choice: Eco, Comfort, Neutral, Sport, Person. The car passes potholes pleasantly in a comfortable mode, but it rolls appreciably in turns.

The sports mode appreciably corrects a situation, providing worthy controllability as it is possible for minivan.


In Russia sales of the car are not planned, perhaps according to some of its data the manufacturer is sure of failure.

The last generation sold poorly. In Europe, the basic package starts at 38,000 euros, which is exactly 2.6 million rubles. Of course, the base will not have all the listed equipment.

Conclusion: New Renault Espace 2021 is a cool update of the minivan with its disadvantages, if to look at it as a working car (so one often looks at a minivan).

Now the vector has shifted to comfort and we can say the French managed to create a worthy car. It is a pity that Russian sales have not started.

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