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Renault Kaptur 2021.

Renault Kaptur 2021.

Renault Kaptur 2021.

Renault Kaptur 2021: French crossover for city driving.
Until recently, Captur was one of the most popular crossovers from the French Renault brand, until another car, the Arcana, overtook it.

In order for Captyur to be in demand anyway, they decided to update it a little, adding some elements from a recent novelty. Restyling greatly affected the appearance of the car.

The new model boasts a striking appearance, which has been replenished with a large number of various elements inherited from other representatives of the company.

Also, some transformations have taken place inside — Renault Capture 2021 will become a little more comfortable and more equipped, even in the basic configuration. The characteristics of the crossover were also updated.


The car began to look quite stylish from the outside. The new body was supplemented with a large number of undulating relief, chrome inserts of various shapes and sizes, plastic protective elements, the bulk of which are located in the lower part of the body, as well as other interesting details that make the look more stylish and attractive for both young and older drivers.

Renault Kaptur 2021.

The front of the car is not particularly large, but contains a bunch of different decor. It is located at a low height, and also has a slope and rounding, thanks to which the visibility of the driver of any height will always be at the highest level.

Decorations here start from the hood. It flaunts a huge variety of undulating transitions in height, which are mainly located on the sides of the lid. The central part of the bumper is made in the corporate style of the French company.

Here you can see the T-shaped air intake with a wide leg, which is framed by a thin chrome line, and inside contains both black glossy and chrome inserts.

In the middle of the grille is the Renault brand badge, and on the sides of this design are rather aggressive headlights, which have got an interesting shape and filling, always represented by xenon lights.

Quite a lot of space is allocated here for the body kit. It begins with a narrow strip of the body, decorated with a relief and a platform for a license plate.

Next is the main structure, represented by several air intake systems of various shapes and sizes, chrome inserts, plastic protective elements and anti-fog optics. All this together looks both formidable and solid at the same time.

Renault Kaptur 2021.

The profile part of the car also got a good look. Its design begins with a slightly sloping roof, which has a color different from the main color.

Next is a wide and rather long figure from the windows, which will be divided into parts and framed by exclusively black glossy lines.

The neat rear-view mirrors, which take on a triangular shape and include turn signal repeaters, are painted in the same color.

On the main part of the body there are a lot of undulating transitions in height, and from below you can observe an abundance of protective elements made of unpainted plastic that run along the entire lower perimeter.

The rear part of the body has changed least of all. Its design begins here with a short and slightly inclined visor, which, like the roof, is painted in a different color from the main one.

Next is the rectangular luggage compartment window. Further, the body already begins to expand slightly.

Here you can find such decorations as subtle dimensional signals of an interesting shape, wave-like transitions in height, as well as several chrome inserts.

Renault Kaptur 2021.

As in the front, there is a lot of space for the body kit. It is also almost entirely finished in unpainted plastic, but also contains a license plate area, decorative air intakes, chrome inserts, fog lights, a diffuser painted to look like metal, and a single exhaust pipe.


Some changes can be found inside the car too. The new 2021 Renault Captur boasts a more striking interior with body-colored inserts and even better materials such as fabrics, plastics, metals and leather.

The dashboard takes on a traditional look here. It does not take up much space and includes only the essentials: a touchscreen display, several analog buttons, climate control washers and neat vents.

Further, the tunnel already begins, which will be represented by a recess for storing things, a technical panel, a couple of compartments for glasses and a high armrest, where there is also a place for carry-on luggage inside.

All the same, the car is designed for five passengers. The chairs here have become better quality and more comfortable. They can be trimmed with both fabrics and leather, and as additional equipment they offer heating, head restraints, side support and other useful options.


Renault Kaptur 2021 will retain the powertrain from its predecessor — a 1.6-liter petrol unit with a capacity of 114 horsepower.

Renault Kaptur 2021.

The engine from the Arcana will also go to it — a 1.3-liter, which also runs on gasoline, but has a return of 150 horsepower.

Both options can work in tandem with a CVT. There is no information about the drive yet. Also, a test drive will later show what the car is capable of in various conditions with such a motor range.

Options and prices

The price of the basic modification of the crossover will be almost a million rubles. About 200 thousand more will have to be paid for all additional options.


Still, the rivals of the car are Nissan Qashqai, Hyundai Creta and Kia Sportage.

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