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Renault Kiger 2022.

Renault Kiger 2022.

Renault Kiger 2022.

Renault Kiger brought to 2022 model year: decor, new equipment, from 640 thousand rubles.

Externally, the Parkett has not changed much, which is not surprising, because the model is still very fresh.

But there are some updates nevertheless. Besides, the crossover became richer.

The Renault Kiger crossover with a length of only 3991 mm debuted in January 2021, the main market for it is India, where the production is also set up.

The brand had high hopes for this parkette, but it is difficult to say yet whether it has fully justified them.

Yes, thanks to the Kiger company ended last year in India in the «plus»: the total result of the brand, according to local media was 95,878 units, up 19% more than in 2020.

However, the cross was not even in the top 30 best sellers of the Indian market: 28,586 units sold (to be fair we should note that Kiger started in February).

And now the modernized Renault Kiger is presented.

Renault Kiger 2022.

External changes are dotted, and all the updates went only to the turbo version: the protective strip on the front bumper is painted in silver, the luggage door has a chrome strip, on the sides — stickers with the inscription Turbo, plus the wheels are red caps (wheels are still 16-inch).

The interior of this Kiger has red stitching. And also the body color palette is expanded — the crossover can be painted mustard yellow, as well as a flatbed compact Renault Triber (models share «cart» CMF-A). The roof will be black.

Renault Kiger 2022.

As for equipment, all versions of Renault Kiger have PM 2.5 filter and two-tone klaxon.

A top-of-the-range model year 2022 has cruise control and wireless charging for your smartphone by default («cruise» was not available before, charging was offered as an option).

As before, expensive options still have four airbags (the version has two «Airbag»), a multimedia system with 8-inch touchscreen, 7-inch display in the «instrument panel,» rearview camera, climate control, keyless access and a button start the engine.

Renault Kiger 2022.

The technology is the same. In India, the Kiger is available with a gasoline three-cylinder «atmospheric» 1.0 (72 hp, 96 Nm) and turbo engine of similar volume (100 hp and 160 Nm).

Both engines are combined with five-speed «manual», and turbo version works together with a variator X-Tronic, and the atmospheric engine can be equipped with Easy-R robotized transmission.
Drive is exclusively front-wheel drive.

Renault Kiger-2022 costs from 584,000 to 1,039,900 rupees, which is equivalent to about 642,000 to 1,144,000 rubles at the current exchange rate.

Renault Kiger 2022.

Parketts Indian production also goes to Nepal, Indonesia and South Africa, but it is not yet known whether the export version will be refreshed.

Meanwhile, the Kiger has a brother from Nissan — the Magnite.

The Japanese brand has not modernized its cross yet, but, according to unofficial information, the Magnite may soon get a seven-seat modification.

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