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Renault Koleos 2022.

Renault Koleos 2022.

Renault Koleos 2022.

The French concern Renault is famous for its very original models, which have a rather ambiguous assessment by car enthusiasts.

The fact is that most of the vehicles of the brand are in great demand, and some are significantly behind in sales figures.

By the way, the latter includes a very interesting crossover Renault Koleos 2022. This model is no longer sold in Russia.

But the car is quite popular on the European market, including at home in France.

As for the main competitors, here it is possible to allocate Nissan X-Trail, Mitsubishi Outlander, Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage.

We must say, the French model can offer a good choice of engines, options, as well as a stylish modern appearance.

Technical characteristics

Like any other crossover, the Renault Koleos 2022 has in its arsenal of good technical characteristics, an interesting design and a decent level of equipment.

Get acquainted with the appearance of the model can be seen in the photos presented in this article.

The new body of the car received a relatively long time ago, but still remains relevant.

At the moment Renault Koleos is available in many countries, except for Russia (sales stopped last year).

Renault Koleos 2022.

In particular, the car can be bought in Europe and in France, where it is present in three configurations.

The price of the base variant starts from 40,250 Euro or 3.5 million rubles in Russian currency. For the top version one would have to pay 46,300 euros (4.028 million rubles).

As for the design of Renault Koleos 2022, there is a standard version.

Thus, in front McPherson struts are installed, and behind — «multilever». By the way, the French crossover is based on the same architecture that the Japanese model Nissan X-Trail.

It also uses stabilizers together with disc brakes, as well as the Japanese car.

All this makes the vehicle safer on the road. The dimensions of the model are as follows: the length is 4 672 mm, width — 1 843 mm, and height — 1 673 mm. The distance between the axles corresponds to the value of 2 705 mm.

Renault Koleos 2022.

As for the engine lineup, here are available gasoline and diesel variants.

As the first acts 1.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder unit, which capacity does not exceed 160 horsepower. The torque of the installation is equal to 270 N*m.

This engine is paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission with dual clutch.

The diesel engine has a displacement of 2.0 liters and output is 185 hp. The torque is 380 N*m. As the transmission is used continuously variable variator.

The choice of motorists Renault Koleos 2022 is offered in three main modifications, where there are differences in equipment and, of course, in the price.

Zen .
This is the basic modification of the crossover, the cost of which corresponds to 3.5 million rubles. In this version, the car is available only with a gasoline engine.

Renault Koleos 2022.

Intens .
This is the second level of equipment for the crossover. Price Renault Koleos 2022 in this version starts from 3.77 million rubles.

Here motorists can buy a car with both a gasoline engine and a diesel one.

As for optional equipment, the manufacturer offers sun visors together with built-in mirrors, electric seats with the function of heating for the first row, adaptive cruise control, a rearview camera, a block warning of danger of approaching another car.

For an additional fee, motorists can install a Bose sound system in the parkette.

Initiale Paris
This is the top modification of the crossover, for which will have to pay already 4.028 million rubles.

Here the manufacturer offers the equipment of the above options, as well as a number of additional options.


As mentioned above, the Renault Koleos has a fairly recognizable appearance, where a lot of branded design solutions.

Renault Koleos 2022.

The first thing that catches the eye here is a stylish radiator grille with filling in the form of horizontal slats.

Quite originally designed headlights, harmonizing with the overall appearance of the car.

Otherwise, the crossover has received a standard performance — high landing, rounded outlines and protective plates in the area of the lower part of the body.

Wheel arches are made voluminous, which makes the crossover visually larger than it actually is.

By the way, the interior of the automobile is also at the highest level.

The central console is not simply modern and stylish, but also with notes of technologies.

The large display of the infotainment system catches the eye at once.

Immediately below it is the control unit of the climate system. Comfortable seats and interesting trim complete the atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

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