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Renault Logan 2021.

Renault Logan 2021.

Renault Logan 2021.

Renault Logan 2021: configurations and prices, photos in a new body, owner reviews How much is the new Renault Logan 2021 in Russia: on the official dealer’s website the price of the model varies from 683,000 to 889,000 rubles.

The car is sold in four trim levels: Access, Life, Drive and Style. The line of power units of the front-wheel drive Renault Logan 2 is represented by three petrol 1.6-liter engines (all four-cylinder), which can work either with a five-speed manual or with a four-speed automatic.


Renault Logan 2021 in a new body is built on the basis of a front-wheel drive platform B0 with a transversely located power unit. On the front axle of the car, the French installed an independent spring suspension of the MacPherson type, while a semi-independent beam is used at the rear.

The front brakes of the four-door are ventilated discs, and the rear ones are cheaper drum brakes. Sedan Renault Logan 2nd generation has the following overall dimensions, mm

Length — 4 359
Width — 1 733
Height — 1 517
Wheelbase — 2 634
Ground clearance (clearance) — 155

Renault Logan 2021.

The trunk volume of the car is 510 liters, and the model’s fuel tank is designed for 50 liters. The curb weight of the four-door varies from 1 106 to 1 156 kg (depending on the selected engine / configuration).

The most affordable versions of the Logan are equipped with a 1.6-liter eight-valve K7M engine with 82 hp. (134 Nm), which works in tandem with a five-speed manual.

With such a filling, the car accelerates from zero to a hundred in 13.9 seconds, and its maximum speed can reach 163 km / h. Also, the model can be ordered with a sixteen-valve K4M engine of the same volume for 102 «horses» (145 Nm).

The latter works together with a four-band automatic machine. Acceleration from 0-100 km / h of this modification is possible in 11.7 seconds. (maximum speed — 171 km / h). The most productive version of the sedan is the version with the H4M engine.

This is also a 1.6-liter unit, but its output reaches 113 forces and 152 Nm of torque. The engine with manual transmission works, accelerating the car from 0-100 km / h in 10.7 seconds. The top speed reaches 177 kilometers per hour.

Renault Logan 2021.

During the test drive Renault Logan 2021 in a new body, it turned out that the capabilities of the base 82-horsepower engine for such a car are frankly not enough, and cars equipped with this engine may not keep up with the intense city traffic.

Version with a 102 hp engine. much more cheerful, but the power unit has to work with a frankly outdated automatic machine, which translates into high fuel consumption. The manufacturer reports 10.9 liters per hundred in the city, but in fact the numbers are even higher.

The top 113-horsepower engine is noticeably more economical and is designed to satisfy the needs of drivers who, from time to time, like to «submerge».

However, he is also not devoid of shortcomings and is prone to oil gorges. As for handling, all versions of Renault Logan 2, without exception, hold the road well, and generally differ in predictable behavior, although the steering wheel is still heavy, which makes itself felt especially when maneuvering in a parking lot.

The energy-intensive suspension also contributes to a pleasant ride, allowing you to relax even on a bumpy road.

Renault Logan 2021.

Overview (exterior and interior)

Although the 2021 Renault Logan belongs to the class of budget sedans, it still looks pretty and modern. Particularly successful was the «face» of the updated four-door, which is notable for large headlights with LED DRL brackets and a laconic radiator grille with a large brand emblem in the center.

In profile, the new body of the 2nd generation Renault Logan is a classic three-box: there is an almost flat roofline with a massive C-pillar, as well as muscular wheel arches and a short trunk tail.

A chubby bumper, a barely noticeable spoiler integrated into the boot lid and large lampshades are installed at the rear of the model.

The interior of the updated model is characterized by the presence of a modern front panel with a clearly defined center console.

At the top of the latter are neat ventilation vents, and underneath is the 7.0-inch touchscreen monitor of the MediaNAV 4.0 multimedia system.

However, the latter machines are equipped exclusively for a surcharge. Plus, it is worth noting a stylish climate control unit, the controls of which (buttons and a pair of knobs) have a neat chrome edging, as well as a three-spoke steering wheel with a large central part and laconic tidy.

The latter consists of three dials partially overlapping each other, and in the far right is a small screen of the on-board computer.

Logan’s front seats have an uncomplicated profile and not everyone will like it, while the ergonomics itself, although not standard, does not cause any significant inconvenience.

Renault Logan 2021.

In particular, the French even provided a couple of niches for smartphones (even large ones), one of which is in front of the cup holders, and the other in the tray above, behind the central air ducts.

The interior of the new 2021 Renault Logan is spacious, and the headroom is solid both in the front and in the back.

But the landing behind the wheel is not the most comfortable, because of the controversial shape of the seats mentioned above and the lack of steering wheel adjustment for reach.

In addition, the relatively weak (even by the standards of the class) sound insulation can somewhat upset the passengers: both the roar of the running engine and third-party sounds from the outside can be clearly heard in the cabin.

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