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Renault Logan 2021.

Renault Logan 2021..

Renault Logan 2021.

Renault Logan 2021 in a new body.
Experts expect the first appearance of Renault Logan 2021 in a new body in public in October at the Paris Motor Show. According to forecasts, as well as spy photos of already tested cars, Logan 3 will delight with new body lines.

Most likely, the styling of the car will repeat the design of modern Megane and Koleos, while the question of choosing a platform is still open.

There is an opinion that the CMF-B «bogie» will be chosen for European modifications, while for a number of local productions, including Russian, the less expensive B0 platform will be left.

In any case, both options will not save the new Logan from enlarging the body, which is confirmed by pictures of camouflaged sedans seen on European roads.

Renault Logan 2021.

New model overview

The restyled Renault Logan of the second generation has been sold in Russia since 2018, but, being one of the most popular budget models in Europe, it is not yet able to compete with domestic equipment of the same class.

Perhaps the reason for the loss in the competition with AvtoVAZ’s products — Grants and Vestas — is the constant delay in updating cars sold in Russia.

The current version was «late» by 2 years, because in Europe the restyling of the «second» Logan began to be sold back in 2016. Will the leaders of the Franco-Romanian project learn any lessons from this, because the world debut of the 2021 Renault Logan of the third generation model year, according to preliminary data, will take place at the end of this year?

Renault Logan 2021


The main changes in the dimensions and proportions of the new 2021 Renault Logan body will be dictated by the appearance of a sloping roof and a larger stern.

At the front, the changes will affect the headlight housings: they will stretch in length and become horizontal. The stuffing of the head light sources will be represented by LED elements, but, of course, only in expensive trim levels.

A noticeable change will be the shape of the hood: judging by the photos, it will receive more edges, and the additional relief will visually make the front part wider. Photo spies also noticed that the door handles of the new Renault Logan 2021 will be redone for a natural grip, that is, they will begin to shift towards themselves.

Finally, the enlarged rear part promises an increase in the volume of the luggage compartment, which may become one of the main «trump cards» of the updated budget car.

Renault Logan 2021..


There is no information about the interior design of the new Renault Logan 2021, except that the higher top line of the dashboard is visible in the available photos.

The reason for this may be the media system’s screen integrated into the dashboard and enlarged in size. In general, its appearance can already significantly change the layout of the center console and, at least, move the touchscreen above the air ducts.

Renault Logan 2021.

Technical stuffing

A common platform with the Renault Clio could encourage the developers of the new 2021 Renault Logan to experiment with 1.0-liter naturally aspirated 3-cylinder engines that will complement the existing 1.6-liter range.

The former can have a capacity of 65, 75 and 100 liters. from. (the most powerful — turbocharged), and such power units may be a more profitable (read — economical) alternative to the «four».

And those, and others dock without problems with a reliable 5-speed manual «box» and a 4-speed «automatic», so as regards transmissions, most likely there will be no surprises.

As for the equipment, the manufacturer will definitely keep in the line frankly budget modifications with a minimum set of options, and for wealthier buyers it will offer a «top-end» Renault Logan 2021, which is not inferior to today’s.

Recall that the maximum configuration of the restyled version of the «second» Renault Logan in Russia includes:

• 4 airbags,
• climate control,
• Cruise control,
• cast 15-inch wheels,
• leather steering wheel,
• foglights,
• power windows on all doors,
• windshield heating system,
• heated front seats,
• media complex with a 7-inch monitor,
• audio system, etc.

When will Renault Logan be released in Russia?

Sedans Renault Logan 2021 model year under the Dacia Logan brand may go on sale in Europe in the coming December.

How quickly the third-generation model will appear in Russia is unknown, and the worst-case scenario will be a repeat of the previous experience, when the update was delayed by 20 months.


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