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Renault Megane 2021.

Renault Megane 2021.

Renault Megane 2021.

Renault Megane (hatchback) 2021: the best option for a modern multi-vehicle.

Renault has successfully coped with the modernization of all Megan cars in several body versions. According to experts, the most successful restyling was received by the Renault Megan 2021 model in a hatchback layout.

The novelty of the lineup will also be offered in sedan and station wagon versions of the Estate series.

A comfortable sedan will delight its owners with a combination of business and traditional corporate identity in the bodywork, a station wagon with a spacious seven-seater saloon, a hatchback with improved driving and off-road characteristics.

The new model has become the subject of increased interest from many motorists and automotive experts.


In relation to the predecessor of last year’s sample, the Megan 2021 compact hatchback is distinguished by modified external dimensions, the original edition of the new head optics, and additional capabilities of on-board technical and electronic equipment.

The designers managed to implement several original layout and design corporate developments.

Renault Megane 2021.

In the photos and videos in the front projection of the new generation Renault Megan 2021, it is effortlessly identified by the features of the corporate style. In the spotlight:

ribbed sidewalls, shallow stepped profiles and aerodynamic tilt of the engine compartment cover;

a compact radiator grille, combined with head optics, decorated with transverse chrome strips and a branded logo;

plastic mesh for the lower duct and side large-format diffusers with integrated fog lamps.

The image of a dynamic and somewhat aggressive body design is formed by numerous details of the stepped body relief.

When viewed from the side, the new generation compact hatchback demonstrates excellent aerodynamics of a slightly sloping roof to the stern, a contrast ratio of chrome frame and matte black high-glass pillars, an oval configuration of mirrors and stylish door handles partially recessed into the body.

Renault Megane 2021.

The design features of the lower body segment include elements of a sporty stepped relief, spacious wheel arches and a two-tone five-lobe design of light-alloy 17-inch wheels.

The characteristic features of the European crossover layout prevail in the design of the stern. In stock:

the spoiler lip of the oval tilted window, which has become a traditional addition;

complemented by interior segments of exclusive lights and branding, a small tailgate.

Less interesting is the design, complete with fog lights, air diffusers and a wide bumper tailpipe. Nevertheless, the modern appearance of the new model range evokes positive emotions.


The interior of the new version of the hatchback attracts attention with new design and technical solutions. In comparison with its predecessor, the quality of finishing materials has been improved, the ergonomics of the seats have become more perfect.

The front panel includes:

original interpretation of the four-mode instrument panel;

the vertical layout of the center console media-command tablet, which is typical for the corporate range;

additional features of the multifunction steering wheel.

The list of equipment for the central tunnel is standard: this is a technical part with a transmission shift lever, a set of organizers, a container for small personal belongings and a small but comfortable armrest.

Renault Megane 2021.

The price status of the 2021 Renault Megane hatchback model corresponds to the list of on-board electronics and active road safety systems.

Available: modern characteristics of the media complex, climate and cruise control, video monitoring of the rear hemisphere, a set of parking sensors and a special ADAS assistance package.

Boarding and road service for front seats with pronounced lateral support and adjustable head restraints is typical: several electrified settings and a heating circuit.

The new body offers three passengers a sufficiently spacious rear sofa, backrest recline functions and a folding armrest. In the top version, individual air deflectors are promised.

Fans of active recreation will appreciate the possibility of partial dismantling of the rear seats to increase the volume of the luggage compartment from 521 to 1084 liters.


Formatted in proportions of 4626 x 1814 and 1449 mm, the outer dimensions are harmoniously combined with the details of the dynamic design. The layout and design features of the chassis:

Renault Megane 2021.

2669 mm wheelbase and 150 mm ground clearance;

a comfortable combined suspension with MacPherson struts and a rear torsion bar;

extended set of security systems.

The engine range is represented by several options for gasoline and diesel power units, cubic capacity from 1.2 to 1.6 liters, with a power output of 115-150 hp, working in conjunction with a 6-speed manual gearbox or a top-end robotic transmission.

The test drive confirmed the excellent dynamics of acceleration — 12.3-5.7 seconds, the maximum speed range of 182-260 km / h and economical consumption characteristics.

Options and prices

The new Renault Megane (hatchback) 2021 model year will be offered in several versions with different parameters of power, cabin comfort and functionality of standard options.

The estimated starting price of the base model is stated in the amount of 1,200,000 rubles.

Sales start in Russia

All new items in the model range are focused on the standards of the European market, so the release date in Russia will be published no earlier than the beginning of the winter season of the current year.

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