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Renault Quid 2020.

Renault Kwid 2020

Renault Quid 2020.

Renault Quid 2020 — a small and cheap family car.
While in the CIS, in the world of cheap compact cars, Matiz rules, in India a new compact Frenchman is gaining momentum. More precisely, it will be restyled. The history of Renault Kwid began 4 years ago. At that time, Renault was thinking about releasing the most budget car out of all the existing ones. For a test drive, India and a number of South American countries were selected.

Unfortunately, a small fiasco occurred on all fronts. A similar idea of ​​the Japanese from Suzuki was very successful. Therefore, in 2020, the French decided to try their luck for the second time, releasing the updated Quid — the same small and ultra-cheap.


At least some completeness of information regarding the filling of the Renault Kwid 2020 is missing. The only things mentioned in Renault are powertrains. So, according to the plans of the company, it is planned to supply two versions of a small car.

Renault Kwid 2020

One will receive a gasoline engine for 0.8 liters of working volume with a return of only 54 horsepower, and the second will acquire as much as a 1.0-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 68 horses. Which of them will consume 4 liters per 100 km was not specified at the presentation, and the difference is likely to be almost not noticeable.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer himself hints that Quid is designed exclusively for driving in a tight city stream. On the track, he will feel uncomfortable. The dynamic performance here is extremely weak and acceleration to at least 100 km / h will take forever.

Taking into account fuel consumption, Renault Kwid will be an excellent alternative to those who have long dreamed of moving from public transport, but are sparing money for refueling. In fact, driving a small French will be even more profitable than a minibus.

It should be noted one significant drawback of a small Frenchman. It was already mentioned above that in many respects the failure of sales of the first generation occurred due to the introduction of a similar model from Suzuki to the market.

He was just sorted more actively, because in terms of security, he significantly outperformed the Frenchman, because European crash tests tore Quid to smithereens.

Renault Kwid 2020


Of course, such technical specifications discourage any desire to buy this car. But everything is not so sad, because the appearance and interior of the Renault Kwid are its strengths.

On the body, for those who remember the Renault City hatchback, Quid’s appearance will not be something surprising. In fact — this is just the restyling of the very body, since so many elements are recognized in this small car.

In general, the car looks spectacular — two-story LED optics in front, modern body kits, light smooth lines, a good color palette and a large fifth door are in fact the main advantages of the new product.

The exterior does not cause laughter, as, for example, Matiz with glued cilia. The subcompact look is quite serious, and if it were put on more serious wheels, it would compete not only in its class.

Renault Kwid 2020

It is worth saying that, like all small cars, this Frenchman got a rather small body:
length — 3731 mm,
width — 1579 mm,
height — 1474 mm,
wheelbase was 2422 mm.
Wheels, as on the Matiz — 13-inch. For a surcharge, you can buy a cart on 14-inch.


Naturally, for a budget price tag, you can not dream of any expensive finish for Quid. The interior is represented by cheap fabric and hard plastic, which in fact, although not attractive, are wear-resistant.

But even some Russian state employees will envy the design. The salon will receive a two-tone color scheme. The presentation showed a gray “coal” interior with organically inserted orange accents.

Renault Kwid 2020

Nothing is shown on the door cards. From the front passenger side, in addition to the ventilation deflector, there is also nothing to brag about. On the driver’s side there is an analog dashboard, a standard steering wheel, without a button, the center console is decorated with twirls, but the main feature is a pretty good 8-inch multimedia screen.

With a modest size, the cabin received a rather roomy trunk of 420 liters and well-thought out passenger accommodation. Yes, tall people in any case will be cramped like it or not, but the average Indian or Chinese is quite suitable.

Price and sales start date

As before, Quid will enter the markets of third world countries, where low purchasing power, according to experts, can make the new product the most attractive option.

In addition to India, some Asian Latin American countries, the geography of Renault Kwid 2020 will expand to China. For Russia, a little Frenchman is not provided. Still, we have this machine is by no means competitive.

The premiere of the small car was held on October 2, 2019 in the heart of the planned sales market — India.
The first large parties will go to dealers in the spring of 2020. The price tag, as mentioned above, is very modest. If Quid were brought to the CIS, then the price in Russia would be 378 thousand rubles at the current rate.

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