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Renault Taliant 2022.

Renault Taliant 2022.

Renault Taliant 2022.

The Renault concern has received a patent in Russia for a new budget sedan Renault Taliant.

Car manufacturer Renault has certified another version of the affordable Logan model of the third generation for the Russian car market. It is a sedan Taliant.

A few days ago OTTS for foreign car Renault Taliant was added to the general base of Rospatent.

It is worth noting that this novelty was put on the conveyor since last year for the Turkish car market.

Technically, Renault Taliant is similar to Logan and Sandero of the third generation, as it is designed on a modular architecture CMF-B. The body frame is a hundred percent unified with the new Logan.

At the same time the main part of its external panels are original.

Due to this the model has an original exterior, which features smooth shapes and elegant lines.

Unique are the headlights and optics in the rear of the body. They are made on LED elements and stylistically refer to the Megane model for the European car market.

Renault Taliant 2022.

The sedan came out in length of 4396 mm. It weighs 1100 kg. The Taliant’s engine lineup includes just one liter engine in three versions: a 65 hp atmospheric, 90 hp turbocharged engine and a 100 hp LPG engine running on liquefied gas.

These are paired with a manual transmission with 5 and 6 speeds, as well as a variator transmission X-Tronic.

Renault has not yet reported official data regarding the sales of this model on the Russian market.

The model is patented for legal reasons in order to protect the intellectual rights to design the model on the world car markets.

Renault Taliant 2022.

For several weeks the intrigue regarding Renault remains in Russian mass media.

The fact is that because of the sanctions imposed, it is quite difficult for the concern to continue operating in the Russian Federation.

In this regard, there were reports that the brand will leave the country and that shares in AvtoVAZ will be sold.

But the latest publication has added new questions. Reportedly, the company has received a patent for the design of another budget model — Renault Taliant 2022.

The car uses a similar platform as the current Logan.

Renault Taliant 2022.

At the moment, the sedan is sold exclusively in Turkey, where it is assembled.

So, in Russia Renault has patented another car — Renault Taliant.

This announcement raised even more questions than the one about the brand’s withdrawal from the Russian market.

It remains unclear whether the brand plans to bring the model to the Russian market or just a patented design.

There is no official comment on this yet. As for the characteristics of the Renault Taliant, they are similar to the familiar to the Russians Logan and Sandero.

This is due to the fact that all three models are built on the same architecture — CMF-B.

If you look at the design features of the body, they resemble the actual Logan, but otherwise there are a lot of differences.

Renault Taliant 2022.

In general, Renault Taliant can boast of its original styling.

In particular, the sedan has a unique optics, which presents large polygonal block headlights on the front bumper and lights on the stern with a similar performance.

It must be said, and in the appearance is observed more smoothness and elegance. As for the dimensions, the length corresponds to the value of 4 396 mm. The car weighs about 1 100 kilograms.

In technical terms, offered 1.0-liter engine in three possible variations.

Thus, the unit of atmospheric type provides 65 horsepower, with turbocharger — 90 «horses», and the LPG version is able to deliver up to 100 hp Transmission is also available in three versions — 5- and 6-speed manual transmission and X-Tronic.

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