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Renault Triber 2020.

Renault Triber 2020.

Renault Triber 2020.

Renault Triber 2020: cheap and cheerful — new from the French brand.
The new 2020 Renault Triber is a budget crossover designed specifically for the Indian automotive market. This car was specially designed for local realities.

In addition to high practicality and low price, a car can please its owners with a good interior design and a pleasant appearance. Driving characteristics leave much to be desired, so it is worth operating the car in urban conditions.


The new body has many decorative elements, similar to those of other models of the French manufacturer sold in Europe and Asia. The advanced design increases the chances of a car for high sales in India, as it is difficult to find something more aesthetic and functional for such a price.

The restyling mainly affected the «face» of the car, which looks very impressive, with large pentagonal headlights with halogen filling and a T-shaped radiator grille.

Renault Triber 2020.

The grille filling is chrome-plated horizontal dotted lines. In the middle of its upper part there is a large Renault emblem inscribed in a grill.

Under the power element of the front bumper there is a trapezoidal air intake with a wide plastic edging and a lower protection reminiscent of a kangarin. It is filled with coarse mesh. On the sides of the front bumper are pentagonal diffusers crossed by LED fog lights.

The new model has a side section reminiscent of many modern crossovers. There are roof rails for securing luggage. The car looks massive due to the fact that the side windows are not very wide.

And due to the fact that the powerful roof pillars in the area of ​​the glass are painted black, it looks one with them. On the bottom of the doors there is a wide plastic strip to protect them when opening.

Along the bottom of the 2020 Renault Triber is a plastic skirt that also fits onto the large wheel arches with circular fender flares. But the wheels, despite the original casting, somewhat «pumped up»: they are too small.

Judging by the photo, the car in the back also looks pretty interesting. A pretty decent spoiler with a repeater of brake lights is installed on top of the tailgate.

Renault Triber 2020.

Under it is a fairly voluminous tailgate glass. Below, on the sides, there are taillights, partially overlapping it. They resemble eyes with an oriental cut. Between them are chrome letters of the car name.

Above them is the Renault emblem. The lower part of the bumper has a higher plastic edging than the front. At the very bottom there is a corrugated plastic protection. To make it different in color from the black skirt, it was made gray. Somewhere underneath it «hid» a muffler pipe.


Despite the low cost, the Triber looks pretty decent inside. The test drive that was carried out showed that there is enough space, and quite decent materials were used for finishing. Already in the basic version of the car there is everything you need for a fairly comfortable ride.

The three-spoke steering wheel looks pretty solid thanks to the high-quality plastic it is made of. It has no service buttons, but it is very ergonomic and even slightly flattened at the bottom.

The electronic dashboard is perfectly visible behind it. It imitates analog devices, and in the center is an on-board computer screen, which serves as a speedometer.

Renault Triber 2020.

The center console of the car is very laconic. In its upper part there is a pair of climate system deflectors. Below them is a large touch screen that serves to control multimedia and other auxiliary functions. The climate control unit is located even lower. Under it is a lonely panel and a niche with connectors for charging gadgets.

On the main tunnel there are: a gear shift knob, a niche for two cup holders, a handbrake and a glove compartment with a lid. The front seats have good lateral support. Moreover, all the chairs are comfortable in shape, covered with wear-resistant fabric with artificial leather inserts and with a minimum of adjustments.

The car can have five or seven seats. In the latter case, only 84 liters remain for luggage. When the third row is folded down, the boot volume increases to 625 liters.

Renault Triber 2020.


All trim levels of this Renault come with a 1 liter engine. It runs on gasoline and develops 72 hp. power and 92 Nm of torque. He accelerates the car to the first hundred in 13 seconds. It is clear that the automaker focused on the economy of the car.

Paired with this motor is a 5-speed manual or automatic transmission. Tractive effort goes to the front axle. It is expected that in the future the car will be equipped with another 100 hp engine.

Options and prices

The price of a car in the basic configuration starts from 480 thousand in Russian currency.

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