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Renewed Hyundai Solaris 2023.

Renewed Hyundai Solaris 2023.

Renewed Hyundai Solaris 2023.

The updated Hyundai Solaris 2023 is revealed in the photo in an unexpected version: the sedan is presented in a coupe body.

Relatively recently, an updated Hyundai Palisade was presented, and now the company is preparing to premiere a popular sedan in Russia.

We are talking, of course, about the Hyundai Solaris 2023. The car has already been repeatedly spotted on public roads, though, in a camouflaged form.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to hide all the details of the exterior, as well as the silhouette in such a way.

In particular, it is already clear that engineers of the concern are preparing several versions of the model.

The published renders show the car in a coupe body.

We must say Hyundai Solaris in the new variant looks very stylish despite the presence of only two doors.

Also in the photo you can see the understated line of the roof. On the other hand, because of this the car looks more dynamic.

Renewed Hyundai Solaris 2023.

Designers had to reduce ground clearance, so you can not talk about going out in the countryside here, although on an asphalt road no problems with permeability.

It is also worth noting quite aggressively designed bumpers.

Sills were supplemented with special plates, thus emphasizing the unique style of execution.

Renewed Hyundai Solaris 2023.

The wheel rims are presented in the original format. The radiator grille attracts attention with its large size, but the filling is made in the corporate style.

On the sides of the module are located large air intakes and headlights with LEDs inside.

In a different style there are side bumpers and luggage compartment door. The exterior mirrors are supplemented with turn signal indicators.

Renewed Hyundai Solaris 2023.

So far there is no information about technical equipment of the new Hyundai Solaris.

Although, for the Russian market in this regard, not much change is expected. Recall that now the model in Russia is available with two 1.4-liter and 1.6-liter atmospheric engines.

Renewed Hyundai Solaris 2023.

The performance of the units is equal to 100 and 123 horsepower, respectively.

In terms of transmission, six-speed «automatic» and «mechanics» are used. The model is expected to premiere this year, but in Russia no earlier than next year.


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