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Robotaxi from AutoX.

Robotaxi from AutoX.

Robotaxi from AutoX.

Robotaxi from AutoX is equipped with an advanced fifth generation autopilot Gen 5.

AutoX is known far beyond its native China — it specializes in the production of unmanned taxis and commercial vehicles.

The firm presented the fifth generation of autopilots for its cars in Shanghai. This technology is already called one of the most advanced among its kind.

AutoX cars with the latest proprietary autopilot Gen 5 will receive fifty different sensors, 28 cameras at once, six lidars and two pairs of radars with a total coverage of 360 degrees around the car.

A control unit with a 2200 TOPS processor is responsible for the operability of all electronics on board. Tesla’s proprietary autopilot, for clarity, operates at 144 TOPS (1 TOPS — trillion operations per second).

The Chinese have been working on the fifth generation of the autopilot for 2.5 years.

Testing alone took almost six months: the autopilot was tested on different types of road surface at different temperatures. The new technology has successfully passed all tests, showing its safety and effectiveness.

Robotaxi from AutoX.

The most difficult thing for the specialists was when working on a processor that could ensure the smooth operation of the entire system.

We will find out more interesting details today, on July 9, during the premiere of the latest technology from AutoX at the World Exhibition of Artificial Intelligence.

Robotaxi from AutoX.

Recall that AutoX is one of the first companies in China, which the local authorities allowed to launch an unmanned taxi service without the presence of a driver in the cabin.

The passenger drones fleet consists of 25 Chrysler Pacifica minivans, which have been operating in Shenzhen since January this year.

Robotaxi from AutoX.

In terms of technical equipment, it will be one of the most advanced systems on the market.

It took AutoX two and a half years to develop the Gen5. According to the company, the autopilot was tested for six months in different climatic and road conditions, proving its effectiveness and safety.

The company said that in technical terms, the most difficult thing was to create a processor suitable for controlling the system.

Robotaxi from AutoX.

In addition to Chrysler and BYD cars, the autopilot is planned to be installed on Honda — AutoX and the Japanese automaker have signed an agreement on mutual cooperation.

In Russia, unmanned taxis may appear as early as 2021.

As for our country, drones can be found on Russian roads this year.

Four regions were chosen to participate in the pilot project: Moscow and regional, Krasnodar Territory and Tatarstan.

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