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Rolls Royce Ghost 2022.

Rolls Royce Ghost 2022.

Rolls Royce Ghost 2022.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost 2022 is a full-size rear-wheel drive luxury sedan (aka the F segment by European standards), combining (in the words of the machine builder) “classic British aristocracy and good driving characteristics.

The car is positioned to a certain extent as «Driver’s Car», that is, the owner’s place is not only behind.

From the outside, the Rolls-Royce Ghost looks attractive, expressive, balanced and imposing.

A monumental front end with compact headlights, a powerful chrome grille and a sculpted bumper, a classic silhouette with a long hood, huge wheel arches and an elongated stern, a laconic rear with elegant red lanterns and a pair of «curly» exhaust pipes.

In «arrogance» the car is not much inferior to the «older Phantom», but it definitely surpasses it in the integrity of its appearance.

«Gost» is provided in two modifications — with a standard or extended wheelbase.

The length of the three-volume is 5399-5569 mm, of which the center distance extends by 3295-3465 mm, the width is 1948 mm, and the height is 1550 mm.

Rolls Royce Ghost 2022.

In the normal state, the ground clearance of the car is 150 mm, but thanks to the air suspension, it can vary from 125 to 175 mm.

When equipped, the «Briton» weighs from 2360 to 2450 kg, depending on the version.

The interior of Rolls-Royce Ghost looks elegant, noble and imposing, and «classic touches» add to its attractiveness.

A three-spoke multi-steering wheel with a thin rim and a massive hub, an extremely laconic «instrumentation» with three analog dials, a presentable center console with a 10.25-inch media center screen and stylish audio and climate control units.

In addition to this, the three-volume boasts impeccable ergonomics and exceptionally chic finishing materials.

Formally, this is a five-seater car, but in the second row the third will feel superfluous due to the strongly protruding floor tunnel and the profile of the pillow.

Front riders rely on comfortable seats with unobtrusive lateral support, pliable filler and a large number of electrical adjustments.

Rolls Royce Ghost 2022.

And the rear passengers find themselves on a soft sofa with a backrest adjustable in angle.

Regardless of the modification, «Gost» has in its arsenal a 490-lira luggage compartment, finished with high-quality materials.

There is no spare wheel for the car, as it is initially “shod” in “Run-Flat” tires.

Under the hood of the Rolls-Royce Ghost is a petrol 6.6-liter V12 engine made of aluminum, with two turbochargers, a 48-valve timing structure, direct fuel injection and variable valve timing.

The mechanism is available in two power options: in the basic version, it generates 570 horsepower at 5250 rpm and 780 Nm of torque at 1500 rpm; and on the «Black Badge» modification — 612 hp. at 5250 rpm and 840 Nm of rotational potential at 1650-5000 rpm.

The motors work in conjunction with an 8-speed hydromechanical «automatic» ZF, which is able to select the optimal gear in advance, relying on the terrain (thanks to the navigator’s readings), and a rear-wheel drive transmission.

From a standstill to 100 km / h, a full-size luxury sedan accelerates after 4.8-5 seconds, maximum gains no more than 250 km / h (due to the electronic limiter).

Rolls Royce Ghost 2022.

In the combined mode, it consumes from 14 to 14.6 liters of gasoline for each «hundred» of the run (depending on the version).

At the heart of the Rolls-Royce Ghost is the «F01» platform, borrowed from the BMW 7-Series, with a monocoque body that is tailored using high-strength grades of steel and aluminum.

«In a circle» the car is equipped with independent suspensions with pneumatic elements, adaptive shock absorbers and active anti-roll bars: front — double wishbone, rear — multi-link. The four-door is equipped with a rack and pinion steering gear with a power steering.

Rolls Royce Ghost 2022.

All its wheels are equipped with ventilated brake discs (on the front axle with a diameter of 410 mm, and at the rear — 402 mm). In the Russian market, the cost of Rolls-Royce Ghost starts at ~ 33 million rubles (but this price tag is not final, since much depends on the specific needs of the buyer).

The sedan’s initial configuration includes: six airbags, four-zone climate control, 19-inch wheel rims, ABS, ESP, DSC, LED headlights and lights, adaptive cruise control, electric doors and trunk lids, a media center with a 10.25-inch screen, heated front and rear seats, panoramic cameras, an audio system with 14 speakers and two subwoofers, and other goodies.

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