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Sedan KIA K8 2021.

Sedan KIA K8 2021.

Sedan KIA K8 2021.

The new KIA K8 business sedan is officially unveiled: a replacement for the Cadenza model.

KIA has officially unveiled the K8 large sedan, which is the successor to the K7 (aka Cadenza).

Interestingly, this four-door was the first car of the South Korean brand to receive an updated logo.

The latter is still installed above the radiator grill here. It is made of aluminum and is much larger than before.

Sedan KIA K8 2021 received a branded radiator grille «tiger nose», but the latter has no frame and attracts attention with a large diamond pattern.

Moreover, the Koreans have neatly blended it into the design of the front bumper, so that visually these two components seem to be one.

Sedan KIA K8 2021.

Plus, one cannot fail to note the running lights and turn signals, which here are made in the form of mosaic blocks on the sides of the radiator grill.

As conceived by the artists, the dynamic silhouette of the K8 with an elongated bonnet and a short trunk tail should resemble «sailing on calm waters of yachts.»

As for the stern, here the car draws attention to itself with narrow LED-lights combined with each other, the edges of which go far into the rear fenders.

Sedan KIA K8 2021.

Depending on the version, the wheels of the machine can be fitted with disks with a diameter of 17 to 19 inches.

The main feature of the sedan’s interior is the 12.3-inch displays of the virtual instrumentation and multimedia system, located in front of the driver on a single panel without a visor.

The head-up display of the model has a diagonal of 12.0 ″, which is twice the size of the K7. Due to this, it displays much more useful information.

Plus, the model acquired a climate control sensor unit and a rotating washer instead of the automatic transmission lever.

Sedan KIA K8 2021.

A separate source of pride for Kia specialists are the new Ergo Motion Seat front seats. Each of them has seven pneumatic chambers, allowing passengers to customize the profile specifically for themselves.

Moreover, when driving in sport mode (or at a speed of more than 130 km / h), these seats switch to a special mode that provides better fixation of riders.

Ventilation and heating of all seats, as well as improved noise isolation, are also designed to please the passengers of the K8.

The high-end versions boast finishes in nappa leather, aluminum and wood veneer. Plus they are complemented by Meridian’s advanced 14-speaker audio system.

Like its predecessor, the new Kia K8 2021 is built on a front-wheel drive platform with MacPherson struts in the front and a multi-link in the rear.

It is reported that the length of the South Korean sedan now reaches 5,015 mm (+ 20).

Sedan KIA K8 2021.

Already in the base, the model has an R-MDPS power steering with an electric motor on a rail, which previously relied on extremely expensive options.

Due to the latter, more precise control and transparent feedback are achieved. However, the rich versions are not deprived of features — they have a suspension with adaptive shock absorbers.

By default, the sedan is equipped with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder GDI aspirated with combined injection, which produces 198 hp. (248 Nm).

The more expensive options are the 3.5-liter aspirated V6 of the Smartstream family. The latter is offered in both gasoline and propane versions.

In the first case, its output is 300 forces and 359 Nm, and in the second 240 «mares» and 314 Nm of torque. These engines work in tandem with an eight-speed automatic.

The drive is front-wheel drive by default, although V6 vehicles can also be ordered with an all-wheel drive transmission that uses a conventional clutch to connect the rear axle.

At the same time, the Koreans have already announced the appearance in the line of a hybrid modification with a 1.6-liter T-GDI turbo engine, but its characteristics have not yet been advertised.

As for the equipment, the sedan already has nine airbags in the base, and from the paid options it is worth noting the Highway Driving Assist 2 system, which is an adaptive cruise control with a lane hold function.

In the lineup, the new KIA K8 will sit between the K5 and K900. In Korea, sales of the sedan will begin in April 2021 at a price of $ 29,000 (2.2 million rubles). Then the sales geography of the model will be expanded.

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