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Singer ACS Porsche 911 (964).

Singer ACS Porsche 911 (964).

Singer ACS Porsche 911 (964).

Singer ACS Porsche 911 (964). Interesting thing trends. It is not always possible to trace the nature of their appearance, but it is obvious that people every now and then begin to move in one direction in sync.

For example, all and sundry fantasized on the topic of the rally 911, but the matter did not go further than sketches.

To be honest, we also touched on this topic. And over the past year, several projects have taken the form of real cars at once. The Singer firm was a little late, but in its inherent traditions pleased with the approach.

Singer ACS Porsche 911 (964).

The novelty was inspired by Porsche’s rally past and models such as the 911 SC / RS and 959. The car was named the All-Terrain Competition Study (ACS).

In the requirements, the customer identified two extreme coupes at once.

The Parallax White car will take to the desert, while the two-door Corsica Red is configured for high-speed asphalt stretches. The main destinations are Baja 1000 and Dakar Rally.

The compartment, visually similar to the winner of the Paris-Dakar marathon in 1984, was custom-built for a longtime client of the bureau.

Singer ACS Porsche 911 (964).

Nevertheless, the model is ready to assemble for everyone, but it will not be cheap. Western colleagues hint at a seven-figure dollar price tag.

Quick release body panels are made of carbon fiber. The underbody is protected by 5mm aluminum plates, which can also be quickly removed if necessary to access the technical elements.

Optics — LED.
Naming is by no means a show-off. According to the American studio, after finishing the finishing work, the car will be ready for off-road combat trips and participation in competitions of the highest level.

Singer ACS Porsche 911 (964).

A large scope of work is carried out by the Tuthill Porsche workshop, which is engaged in the refinement of classic models of the brand for rally raids.

By the way, in 2019 they won the East African Safari Classic discipline with a length of 5000 km for the fourth time.

The British are involved not only in the development and construction of prototypes of the Singer ACS: the production of such machines approved by the customer will be carried out precisely at the facilities of Tathil in Worthington.

Singer ACS Porsche 911 (964).

The car has long-stroke double shock absorbers, which independently have five adjustment modes. Brakes — Steel rotors with four-piston monoblock calipers. The 16-inch forged aluminum wheels are fitted with BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires.

At the heart of the prototype is the 1990 Porsche 964 coupe. Formally, this gives the ACS project access to public roads.

The boxer «six» 3.6 with air-oil cooling is complemented by two turbochargers with their own intercoolers and a pair of water-air intercoolers.

The lubrication system is also equipped with a liquid cooler, which may cause irony among fans of true Porsche air vents.

Singer ACS Porsche 911 (964).

But the power of the «six» is at least 456 hp, and the moment is at least 569 N • m. These indicators may vary depending on the regulations of a particular competition.

The roll cage and racing seats are FIA ​​homologated. Note the digital instrument cluster and the composite hydraulic handbrake bar.

There is also an enlarged fuel tank, a pair of spare wheels in the overhangs, a drinking water supply system and a navigation complex.

Traction to all four wheels is transmitted by a five-speed sequential gearbox with the ability to control both the lever and the paddle shifters.

The upshifts, according to the sporty tradition, are possible without lifting the foot from the accelerator.

In the case of the box, there is room for one more pair, so at especially high-speed stages the transmission will be six-band. In service there is a permanent all-wheel drive and 3 mechanical differential locks.

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