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Skoda Kamiq 2019-2020 year crossover.

Skoda Kamiq 2019-2020 year crossover.

Recently there was information about the nuances of the next crossover. Proposed concern SKODA European and Russian motorists.

This is the 2019-2020 KAMIQ model. By the way, the Kamiq budget SUV model is being sold on the market of the Middle Kingdom. With a similar name, this car has nothing to do with our nominee. In the domestic showrooms the novelty is likely to appear this fall.

If you believe some sources, its cost will be about 19 thousand. This is the price of a front-wheel drive car with basic equipment. For her planned liter 3-cylinder 95-horsepower gasoline engine and 5-speed manual transmission.

The reason for the lack of probability of occurrence of all-wheel drive crossover. Inexpensive modular platform type MQB-A0. This front cart is equipped with McPherson racks. Behind — bending beam.

As stated by official representatives of the Swedish automotive company. The new compact crossover Skoda Kamik will be of interest primarily to young active people. This car is a great solution for fans of travel.

Skoda Kamiq appearance.

I must admit, the designers and engineers working on the crossover, turned out to be a car with a spectacular exterior. Well viewed dynamics and there are elements of sports cars. Be sure if you buy the car industry masterpiece in question. He will be the cause of envy of others.

The main chips front of the crossover:

embossed hood with a large company logo.

two-level optics. Headlights are located on top. The architecture of which is represented by LEDs. Below are daytime lights. Concurrently performing the function of turning signals.

the usual grille for the company with a chrome frame and paired vertical black bars.

huge air intake. The internal structure of which includes a wire mesh.

light trim decorating the bottom of the bumper. This is a kind of imitation of a protective plate of purebred off-road vehicles.

The composition of the 2018-2020 Skoda Kamiq crossover looks complete. It combines smooth lines and sharp corners with edges.

What are other news?

In the process of exploring the sides of the Swedish novelty, I would like to hold my eyes on stylish mirrors with deep angular bodies. And turn signal repeaters. Window rows with chrome lines windowsills. They rise sharply above the rear arches.

It would be unfair not to say a word about stamping: the strict lines that are above the door handles and lower dents. Door rows from below are refined with dents. Lightweight wheels and low-profile tires serve as a crossover shoe. On the lower edge of the body stretches a bright element in the form of a line. Visually similar to the rapids. On the rigidity of the body and, accordingly, on the safety of the car, powerful rear struts affected.

The rear part of the Skoda Kamik is favorably distinguished by the upper spoiler, noticeably hanging in the form of a visor above the window of the large tailgate, stretched by narrow boomerang lanterns. Optics diffusers are partially located on the fifth door. There is also a plastic protection of light color.

With a 4.2-meter length, the width and height of the crossover is almost 1.8 and 1.5 m. The wheelbase is 2.65 m.


Let’s look inside the urban Skoda Kamiq 2019-2020 all-terrain vehicle. In his cabin a lot of chips that have a place in the interior of the Scala hatchback.

The driver’s seat is equipped with a multifunctional steering wheel, featuring a voluminous 6-coal core, a good topography of control units. On the knitting needles and lower forked support there are metal inserts. Special attention should be paid to the virtual tidy with round scales and an informative computer monitor.

The pedals received aluminum lining, the front seats — reliable side support, comfortable headrests, door panels — function keys and roomy pockets (niches) for small things. When you look at the door, the eye rejoices in the metal strip, textured textured fabric. Between the seats of the first row there is a long, wide armrest.

The top console is occupied by a widescreen entertainment complex. Below are the air vents of the climate system, and between them is an alarm button. Below is the modern multimedia system.

I would like to say a few words about the configuration of the new Skoda Kamik. In the simplest case, an analog tidy is available, and for an additional fee — a 10.25-inch display that shows the state, speed … of the machine. The crossover with the most advanced filling will be equipped with a 9.2-inch touch screen multimedia system, climate control, covering all the seats.

Add to this the sports heated and ventilated front seats. It will also be possible to get a car with LED optics, heated steering wheel, parking assistant, adaptive climate system and other useful electronics. For all this pleasure you will have to pay about 28-30 thousand euros.

Technical part

We already talked about the drive and the platform. In the new Skoda Kamik 2019-2020 model year, there is a system that allows you to choose one of four driving modes: normal, eco-friendly, sporty, individual.

Powertrain line:

95-hp liter gasoline engine with three cylinders (+ 5-band mechanics);

3-cylinder petrol liter installation, which is hidden 115 horses (+ manual transmission with six gears);

4-cylinder 1.5-liter 150-strong heart (+ 6-speed mechanics or 7-band robot).

Do not remain offended and fans of diesel engines. For them, the Skoda Kamiq is predicted, under the hood of which a 1.6-liter 115-horsepower engine lives.


length — 4241 mm
width — 1793 mm
height — 1531
wheelbase — 2651 mm ground clearance — 186 mm


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