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Skoda Karoq 2020.

Skoda Karoq 2020.

Skoda Karoq 2020.

Skoda Karoq 2020 — the perfect crossover for Russia.
The 2018-2019 Skoda SUV will be presented with the new model sauce. In fact, it will be a crossover for Russia. It’s just that sales in Europe have faded, so the Czechs localized production in N. Novgorod and will try to squeeze the last juice out of the model from our wallets.

However, no one will obviously be against. Czech quality fits into the optimal price tag and the SUV is likely to firmly enter the domestic automobile community. What will offer Skoda to our market, consider below.

Skoda Karoq 2020.


GAZ employees will assemble the Skoda Karok 2020 on the MQB modular platform. It is planned that the car will receive disc brakes with ventilation on the front axle, independent MacPherson struts in the front and a multi-linkage in the rear (there will be semi-independent in the base), an electric power steering, front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

For powertrains, Skoda will offer two options.

1. The first will be represented by a 1.6-liter aspirated 110 hp at 155 Hm. It has a choice of 5-speed manual or 6-band automatic and only front-wheel drive. Acceleration to hundreds — 11.3 seconds. Maximum speed — 183 km / h.

2. The second engine involves the presence of a turbocharger. The inline four with a 1.4-liter capacity will produce 150 hp. at 250 Hm. Which is likely to be a rather weak aggregate for Karoq sizes. The drive to choose from — full or only on the front axle. If you choose the front, then the set includes an 8-band automatic. If complete, then the DSG robot. With this engine, the SUV will accelerate to hundreds in 8.8 seconds. The maximum speed is 183 km / h. Consumption is not reported.

Skoda Karoq 2020.

Equipment SUV for Russia will be quite serious. You can count on three trim levels — Active, Ambition and Style. Given the problems with the release of the first (more on that below), let’s look at the “rich” version.

The bliss will include:

bottom protection (will be in the base),
heated rear mirror and windshield,
height adjustment of the driver’s seat,
interior lighting and around the perimeter of the trunk,
uphill start assistant, tire pressure sensor,
exchange rate stability, 9 pillows, roof rails,
socket in the trunk, cruise,
distance monitoring system and tracking the condition of the driver,
climate, LED optics, alarm, parking sensors,
virtual tidy, navigation.

As options, they will additionally offer an autonomous stove and 360 monitoring.

Skoda Karoq 2020.


In appearance, Karoq will not be any different from its European predecessor. The design is somewhat reminiscent of VW Tuareg, which is not surprising in view of corporate brand ties.

The front meets a fairly stern look. The set includes the original stamping of a high hood cover, typical for all Skoda models, the shape of the radiator grille, LED optics tested in the Rapid liftback (in the halogen base) and a two-layer lattice body kit.

On the side, just really spilled Tuareg. Which, in principle, is not bad. The dynamic silhouette does not hurt the eyes, everything is concise and discreet. Alloy wheels will be offered in 16 and 17 inch sizes.

Karma at Karok is clearly an amateur. More precisely, this concerns a rather strange shape of the dimensions. The rest is a typical crossover. True to include exhaust nozzles in the architecture of the Skoda body kit did not bother.
In size, the SUV can be called compact

Skoda Karoq 2020.


According to the interior, not to say that it is rich, but not poor. Finishing in places leatherette, in places a bit of a velor. Many European resources noted excellent ergonomics, which the crossover in the Russian version fully retains. This is clearly hinted at by the interesting shape of the seats with a not-so-usual tilt radius and massive holding elements.

The torpedo received a rather boring architecture, which in this case is only a plus. The touchscreen is neatly sewn in the middle. Tidy is located under the trivial visor.

On a smooth transition, which concurrently plays the role of the center console, there is a small array of physical buttons and standard audio system twists. Next is the selector, a small niche for small things and an ordinary armrest. That’s the whole salon.


Judging by the pricing, Karoq will take a place in the same niche where other relatively budget SUVs show off:

Hyundai Creta,
Chery Tiggo,
Nissan Qashqai,
Geely Atlas and others.

Price and sales start date

With prices and dates, everything is somewhat ambiguous. Initially, in early 2020, the first lots of SUVs in top trim levels will enter our market.

They will be collected in Nizhny Novgorod, where Skoda Octavia is being assembled. Because of this, those who will be aimed at buying a basic version will have to wait until the middle of summer until they deliver it or start collecting from us.
For the price, the base will cost 1.25 million rubles. At that time, as the maximum configuration of Karok — 1.56 million.

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