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Skoda Kodiaq 2022.

Skoda Kodiaq 2022.

Skoda Kodiaq 2022.

Considering the restyled Skoda Kodiaq 2022: what has changed?

In April, the twenty-first, the Czechs presented the updated crossover Skoda Kodiaq 2021-2022 model year. It differs from the pre-reform version of the model by narrower headlights and an enlarged radiator grille.

The car also received a slightly raised front edge of the hood, a new diffuser and a different design of the taillights. Plus, rims with a diameter of 17 to 20 inches of a new design have become available for the car.

The new Skoda Kodiak 2022 body already has LED head optics in the base, and matrix headlights can be ordered for a surcharge. The latter are able to change the shape of the light beam so as not to blind the drivers of other cars.

The interior of the crossover has changed slightly. The car received a new two-spoke steering wheel (like other modern models of the brand), although versions with a sports package «steering wheel» are supposed to be three-spoke.

Skoda Kodiaq 2022.

As before, the cars in the initial configurations have an analog tidy, and the more expensive versions have a virtual dashboard on the 10.25 ″ screen, and the Czechs have changed the design of the scales.

The multimedia system has not changed at the same time and is offered with monitors with a diagonal of 8.0 or 9.2 inches.

But the model has a more advanced contour illumination, and the Canton audio system, which the top versions have, has got two additional speakers (now there are ten of them in total).

Skoda Kodiaq 2022.

The list of options has also been expanded, and now more comfortable front seats with a massager and a leather-trimmed dashboard can be ordered for the car.

In Europe, the restyled Kodiaq will be offered with 1.5- and 2.0-liter TSI petrol turbo engines with 150 and 190 hp. respectively. A two-liter TDI with 150 or 200 horsepower is available from diesel engines.

All of these engines comply with the Euro-6d class eco-standards. Note that the 150-horsepower petrol version has a six-speed manual, while all other versions come with a seven-speed DSG robot.

In turn, the basic diesel modification is available with both front and all-wheel drive, while other versions are equipped with an all-wheel drive transmission by default.

Skoda Kodiaq 2022.

Separately, it is worth noting the return to the European range of the «charged» Kodiaq RS, which can be easily distinguished by more aggressive bumpers and sports seats in the cabin.

The pre-reform version of such a modification had a complex two-liter biturbo diesel, and the Czechs curtailed its sales in two thousand and twentieth, since it did not meet strict environmental standards.

As a result, the updated version of the «lighter» was equipped with a 2.0-liter gasoline «turbo four» for 245 «horses».

This unit is almost 60 kg lighter than the previous diesel engine, plus it has a different seven-band robot, which is again lighter by several kg.

Skoda Kodiaq 2022.

Unfortunately, the dynamic characteristics of the Skoda Kodiaq RS are not advertised.

It is expected to be faster than its diesel predecessor, which accelerated from 0-100 km / h in 6.9 seconds and could reach speeds of up to 220 km / h.

Also, during the planned update, the Czech crossover received slightly expanded preventive safety systems (for example, several additional sensors appeared in the rear bumper).

Restyled Kodiaks will appear in the salons of European dealers in July 2021, and in Russia — not earlier than autumn, and the RS version will definitely not be offered here.

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