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Skoda Scala 2023.

Skoda Scala 2023.

Skoda Scala 2023.

Budget Skoda Scala 2023 with a «freshened up» appearance has been tested in the Alps. New photos are published.

Compact C-class hatchback Skoda Scala in facelifted version passes tests.

The car was spotted by paparazzi in the Alps. The front and back part of the «Scala» is covered with mottled camouflage film.

We should note that the Fabia also received an update, with which it became larger than its predecessor.

Some people after that wonder, «is there a need for the Scala?» Skoda Scala 2023 is still larger than the modernized Fabia. At the same time it has a roomy cargo compartment.

Considering that the manufacturer from Mladá Boleslav refused to release the Fabia Combi, it is worth to pay attention to the car.

In the pictures shown, the front and rear optics are not covered with camouflage.

They haven’t received any changes, having completely taken over from the current version of the model.

Skoda Scala 2023.

The hatchback probably received redesigned bumpers in the process of facelift.

There are sensors attached to the wheels, which may indicate the presence of new equipment.

Overall, the hatchback has adopted a recognizable look with traditional body proportions, in which the exterior details have been adjusted.

Skoda Scala 2023.

The facelift will not bring any major changes to the model and all sorts of complications.

Otherwise, the C-segment hatchback would compete with the more fashionable Golf.

Note that the forerunner of the new hatchback is the hot Vision RS concept.

It is assumed that the «charged» version will be presented in such models as Skoda Kodiaq and Octavia.

Skoda Scala 2023.

In the line of hatchback «Scala», for example, there is already a version of the Scala Edition S.

It was developed by Skoda Germany in collaboration with ABT and released a batch of 500 units.

The car in this version is equipped with a 190-horsepower motor, producing up to 290 Nm.

Skoda Scala 2023.

According to previously published information, we should not wait for the version with a hybrid motor equipped with a plug-in module.

In spy photos Skoda Scala, judging by the features of the body, is presented in a fuel-powered version.

Representatives of the Czech company previously stated that only the Superb and Octavia will be available as PHEVs.

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