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Skoda Superb 2016.

Skoda Superb 2016. Meet the third generation.

Which is better to buy a car, what car best.

The name of the Superb is very pretentious. And really — has never Skoda developers do not connect many modern technologies for the design did not use so many clever concepts and did not achieve such an increase in space for the driver and passengers.

Given that since 2001 Skoda has shipped more than 700 000 of its cars, Skoda models 1st and 2nd generation were the most popular cars. And there was a model of 3rd generation — Skoda Superb. Let’s see what we got as a result of the efforts of so many companies. Skoda Superb is available in 3 main versions: a sedan, a hatchback, an SUV 4×4. More information about their characteristics — in this article!



The geometry of the new model.

Was there ever a compact car of the middle class, does not require a large interior space? Hardly. Skoda Company has always responded to the request. I was no exception and Skoda Superb, although the previous model already had the space is above average for its class of vehicles. If Skoda Superb park next to its predecessor, it will be immediately noticeable — it was lower (1477 mm), wider (1864 mm) and length (4856 mm).

Particularly pleased that the footwell in front of the rear seat was not only larger, but also 157 mm longer. It should be noted that the height of the passenger compartment is not decreased due to a decrease in clearance, and is now the largest in the segment of middle-class cars. And increased the amount of luggage — the sedan he reached 625 liters (30 more) with the rear seats folded, and for the hatchback and the seat is not necessary — will still get pretty much the same — 595 liters.

In this case the car’s weight down by 75 kg. Changed and the geometry of the chassis. Wheelbase increased by 80 mm and is now 2841 mm. The distance from the axis of the front wheels to the front edge of the body — 897 mm from the axis of the rear wheels to the rear edge of the body — 1118 mm.



The appearance of the model received a generous boost to aggression: razor-sharp corners on the wings, the sharp contours of the LED headlights, pronounced wheel arches, a more «toothy» grille, chunky wheels … All this is intended to say: «I am the new Skoda! And I’m going to take a more expansive stance on the road!

Some wags have dubbed this style of design «prolonged youth», but in reality it is much impressed. Muscle cars have played, but the soul is already mature and wise — he knows how to protect themselves, the driver, passengers, and not to lose face.



The interior is equipped with the latest air conditioning with three-zone air conditioning. For the cold season there is an autonomous heating system air in the cabin, and all seats heated. The roof of the cabin is equipped with a panoramic glass. It would be surprising if such a vehicle was packed with advanced infotainment gadgets. The smartphone connects to it automatically (SmartLink).

The present system of the SmartLink MirrorLinkTM, AppleCarPlay and AndroidAuto. Thus (through the display of the car) is implemented access to smartphone apps. In addition, Skoda has finally become a WiFi-access point to the Internet on wheels. Thanks to WiFi, all passengers can have not only access to the Internet from their laptops and tablets, but also to remotely control all the car multimedia system.

Inside Škoda Superb — plenty of handy little things that the developers have called «smart solutions»: for example, the holder of the plate in the back of the passenger seat and a portable LED flashlight. In all 4 doors — a device for opening bottles, storage space for tablets, USB and storage area for 1.5-liter bottles. A 12 speakers Canton total capacity of 160W converted Skoda Superb in a concert hall.

Engine and transmission.

New Skoda has a range of 8-modern engines with direct injection and turbocharging (MQB technology). Among them — 5 gasoline capacity from 92 kW (125 l / s) to 206 kW (280 l / s) and three diesel — 88 kW (120 l / s) to 140 kW (190 l / s). All power units meet the emissions standards EU6.

The engine range for the hatchback begins with a 125-horsepower gasoline with a displacement of 1.4 liters. They are equipped with the standard car S. Thus same engine, but with an output of 148 l / s, Skoda Superb hatchback equipped by the SE and SE L. On the same model, and will rise 2-liter 217-horsepower gasoline engine. Finally, the finishing line of engines for hatchback monster capacity of 280 l / s, which is used in the 4×4 embodiment.

The first (lowest power) engines operate with a conventional clutch and six-speed manual gearbox. The rest of the set with a dual-clutch automatic transmission. Among other things, the new engine is 30% less emission of harmful substances. With this model of Skoda Superb GreenLine consumes only 3.5 l / 100 km and emits 92 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Security systems.

To avoid frostbite windscreen in the new Skoda installed wireless system of its heating. Windshield washer nozzles are also elements Warming. The rain sensor will automatically switch on and control the frequency of the wipers. Also automatically controlled switching dipped / main beam depending on the conditions and ambient lighting.

The model has a system of a new generation of Park Assist for automatic parking. In addition, the flagship Skoda first applied rearview camera. Classic parking brake is replaced by the electrical parking brake. Also, the new Superb is equipped with electronic stability control. In accordance with EU standards set Front Assist (electronic front assistant) with City Emergency Brake (Brake Assist in the city).

In the presence of the following safety devices: an electronic tire pressure control, seven airbags, five three-point belts with automatic warning about the absence of fixation, as well as the head of security. Rear side airbags are available as an option. An electronic differential lock and speed limits are also included as standard.

Interestingly, in the rich UK, which already has experience in sales and operating Skoda Superb, drivers in their assessment in the first place put such qualities as practicality and cost-effectiveness. Perhaps 4×4 SUVs will be snapped up as pies. But sedans and hatchbacks are quite capable of becoming a very popular family car.

Video preview and test drive the Skoda Superb 2016


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