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Skoda Superb 2023.

Skoda Superb 2023.

Skoda Superb 2023.

Skoda Superb next generation: new images.

The Czech company is preparing a new generation of its flagship, and last week photographers spotted test samples of the model. What will the new model look like?

The first-generation Superb liftback was introduced in 2001. Today there is the third generation of Czech flagship, which premiere took place in 2015, and four years later the car was restyled.

The time of change of generations is approaching, and Skoda has already put test copies of the future novelty on the roads.

While they are only «mules» — as they are called samples with a technical part of the new model, but hidden under the old body.

Therefore, it is not yet possible to see any external features of the next generation, but we have depicted it on the basis of the current style of the company.

The Skoda brand is relatively conservative in terms of design, so we can assume that the new generation of the Superb will keep the familiar proportions.

Skoda Superb 2023.

For sure there will be a new front end with a larger grille located vertically.

The same solution is applied on the first electric car of the brand — Enyaq crossover.

Headlights can be made more complex in form and filling, we have pictured a variant with LED strip, embedded in the grille and visually unite the front optics, as done on the same Enyaq.

At the rear there should also appear new optics, in addition, the liftback is depicted with the license plate recess moved to the bumper.

The upcoming Superb generation is expected to be the last to be offered with internal combustion engines.

Skoda Superb 2023.

Most petrol and diesel versions will be mild hybrids, also there will be rechargeable hybrids like on the future Volkswagen Passat.

The latter, by the way, will be presented exclusively as a station wagon, while the Superb will retain both body options.

It is already known that in the next generation Superb will be available in two body types — liftback and station wagon.

The prototype of the latter, by the way, was recently spotted during test drives.

Skoda Superb 2023.

Its front and rear parts were covered with thick camouflage, indicating that the main changes will take place in these areas.

But looking at these photos, some experts suggested a restyled version of the model.

But it is hardly so. The thing is that there is not much time left till 2023 (exactly when the new generation of the Superb will be released) and that’s why there is no point in facelift of the Czech.

Another fact that suggests that the pictures show the next generation of the car is a sticker on the body that the car is being tested on the brake system.

Skoda Superb 2023.

As for the next generation of Skoda Superb, it will be built on the same platform as Volkswagen Passat.

At the same time the technical part of the future novelty is kept secret by the manufacturer.

We can assume that Skoda will gradually refuse standard combustion engines, giving preference to hybrid units.

It is also expected that the model will be equipped only with automatic transmission.

The official debut of the car is scheduled for 2022. The Czech novelty will reach dealerships no earlier than 2023.

Most likely, the prices for the Skoda Superb will slightly increase.

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