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Skoda Vicens 2016.

Skoda Vicens 2016.

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Concept Skoda VisionS — a harbinger of Kodiak and Yeti.

Skoda VisionS Crossover Concept presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2016. The new concept VisionS from the Czech company Skoda is a precursor to production models — a compact crossover Skoda Yeti 2 generation (premiere in autumn 2016) and the new 7 local crossover Skoda Kodiak. The attention of our readers photos and videos, technical characteristics and equipment of the conceptual model of Skoda Vision S. According to preliminary information, the price of a new generation of Skoda Yeti will be from 24 thousand. Euro, the cost of Skoda Kodiak starts from 28-30 thousand euros.


Prototype production of Czech crossover boasts emotional, stylish, charismatic and original appearance, created by a team of designers led by chief designer Jozef Kaban Skoda Auto (Jozef Kaban). When you create a new body concept conceptual crossover artists drew inspiration from the traditions of the art of Czech crystal manufacturers, with a touch of cubism. As a result, we face strict and precise lines, correct proportions and sharp outlines of the body, emphasizes the front light engineering (full LED) and shades the rear position lamps with LED-filled, and fantastically stylish graphics (they look like two crystal boulders with perfect cut, implanted in the body car). For the body color concept used enamel Iceland Green, in the large wheel arches fitted stylish 21-inch wheels with tires 275/40 R21.


External dimensions Skoda VisionS concept body 2016, amount 4700 mm long, 1910 mm wide, 1680 mm in height, with a wheel base of 2790 mm in size.
At the heart of the Czech crossover concept is a new modular platform Volkswagen Group (the MQB), allows you to change the size of the wheel base models and equip different types of engines (internal combustion engines, hybrid propulsion system).
Shop concept crossover Skoda Vision Es with three rows of seats in the first and in the second row set some chairs, the last row of the seat, designed for two passengers.


Interior decoration conceptual model demonstrates the high potential of the Czech manufacturer. premium finishing materials (leather, Nappa leather, polished aluminum and even crystal), equal to the zoning of the space for the driver and each passenger with individual touch screens, comfortable seats. Before the driver instrument panel with a 16-inch display, the same size screen in front of the front passenger in the center console large color plate. For the passengers of the second row color screens plates mounted in the headrests of the front seats (removable plates). The driver and every passenger using individual tablet have access to your entertainment system and air conditioner settings. Inside, there are also grounds for non-contact charging smartphones.

Specifications Skoda VisionS concept 2016.

Concept crossover hybrid Skoda equipped with 225-strong hybrid with lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 12.4 kWh. The composition of gasoline four turbo engine 1.4 TSI (156 hp 250 Nm) enters the power plant, the electric motor (40 kW, 54 hp 220 Nm) for the front wheels, the electric motor (85 kW, 115 hp, 270 Nm) to drive the rear wheels 6 ti-speed robotic DSG gearbox.
The crossover is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in just 7.4 seconds and to gain maximum speed under 200 mph. Only electric fuel reserve stored in the battery, the vehicle is able to travel up to 50 km when driving in Hybrid mode operation (electronics independently decides on the inclusion of the internal combustion engine, electric motor and battery activation charge) fuel consumption of just 1.9 liters, and power reserve up to 1000 km.
A similar hybrid propulsion system used on soplatformennom hybrid crossover Tiguan GTE.
Availability MQB carts at the base chassis design prototype production models Czech crossover promises the presence of a fully independent suspension with MacPherson struts in front and mnogoryichazhka behind the power steering with progressive characteristics, adaptive dampers and Dynamic Chassis Control system with four modes Standard movement, Comfort, Sport and Individual .
Skoda VisionS 2016-2017 test video



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