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Sony Vision-S 02 2022.

Sony Vision-S 02 2022.

Sony Vision-S 02 2022.

Sony has decided to get serious about electric cars: the Vision-S 02 crossover has been presented.

Exactly two years after the premiere of the Vision-S electric liftback, Sony unveiled its sister seven-seat Vision-S 02 crossover at CES in Las Vegas and announced the creation of a subsidiary, Sony Mobility, through which it will explore the possibility of entering the electric car market.

The two-year-old Sony Vision-S concept was developed in collaboration with Austria’s Magna Steyr, which has its own modular electric vehicle platform (the Fisker Ocean crossover, in particular, is built on it).

The car was meticulously designed and seemed ready for production, but after the premiere, Sony said it was not going to become a carmaker just yet and everyone quickly forgot about the Vision-S.

But already in the summer of 2020, Sony for some reason began road-testing the Vision-S and periodically issued press releases about its progress, which unequivocally hinted at the development of an electric car project and preparations for mass production.

Now, after premiering the Vision-S 02 crossover at CES, there is no doubt: Sony says it is seriously considering entering the electric-car market.

Sony Vision-S 02 2022.

How much time will «study» and when the final decision will be made is still unknown, so now we can only look at the new concept, which, like the previous one, looks quite complete, that is, there is nothing that could not be put into mass production.

With an overall length of 4,895 mm, width of 1,930 mm, height of 1,650 mm and wheelbase of 3,030 mm, Sony Vision-S 02 can be called a competitor to Tesla Model X, while technical specifications are rather mediocre: two electric motors (one on each axle) produce a maximum 200 kW (272 hp) each, that is the total gets 544 hp.

Sony Vision-S 02 2022.

The top speed is limited at 180 km/h.

The suspension is on the double wishbones, with air struts. Curb weight is 2480 kg.

Ground clearance is only 157 mm. Tire size is 255/50 R 20 in the front and 275/45 R 20 in the rear. Battery capacity and range on a single charge are not specified.

There can be from four up to seven seats in the Sony crossover, but the third row looks obviously childish, that is the seating formula would be correct to call it 5+2.

The four-seat variant assumes two individual seats in the second row.

Sony Vision-S 02 2022.

Multiscreen front panel is the same as in Vision-S Lifbetter, side displays play a role of rear-view mirrors.

In the equipment declared second-level autopilot and built-in lidar, a high-end audio system 360 Reality Audio and the possibility of remote, «cloud» connection to a home game console Sony PlayStation, so you can run «hard» games on the screens of passengers in the second row.

For the smooth and fast operation of games there is a 5G connection. It is not very clear why there are such complications — it is easier to install a game console directly in the car, as Tesla does in the aforementioned Model X crossover.

Sony Vision-S 02 2022.

At the moment, Sony’s electric cars do not impress the imagination with their design, equipment or features, and we should not expect dumping prices from the famous company either.

Whether it is possible to enter the market with such a product, let the company’s management decide, but in our opinion, to achieve any significant success in the market with such a product will be difficult — there are too many competitors and to beat them, you need to offer not the same, and something fundamentally new, revolutionary.

Sony, by all appearances, is not ready for a revolution yet.

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