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Sony Vision-S 02 2026.

Sony Vision-S 02 2026.

Sony Vision-S 02 2026.

Sony’s newest Vision-S 02 7-seat crossover is fully revealed in official photos.

Sony is about to enter the global automotive market. It is preparing to introduce the newest 7-seat crossover Vision-S 02.

However, there is a lot of time left before the release of this model. On sale in the U.S. market, the new Sony Vision-S 02 will appear in 2026.

Despite this, there are official photos of this model, which fully disclose it.

The development of this crossover was also engaged by Honda. In view of the fact that the presented model is a full-fledged electric car, it is not surprising that it has a sleek body.

But some of the design decisions catch the eye.

The Japanese crossover has a big bend of a roof and rests in a volumetric stern.

And transition is so imperceptible that it seems as if the top and bottom parts were assembled separately.

The Japanese novelty has received very voluminous stern. Here the developers placed long optics, presented in the form of a thin LED strip.

Judging from the official photos, the Japanese novelty will have five screens. Three of them are joined together and occupy almost the entire upper part of the front panel.

Sony Vision-S 02 2026.

The developers have divided responsibilities between themselves in a joint project. Honda will deal with the construction and technical part, while Sony is responsible for entertainment.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there are so many screens inside the presented crossover.

Little is known about the Japanese model. In particular, it is not reported even the number of electric motors that it will receive.

It is reported that official presentation of the electric crossover concept will take place at the beginning of January next year. But applications will not be accepted until 2025.

Sony Vision-S 02 2026.

It is interesting that externally the car looks quite ready for serial production, and there are almost no futuristic solutions in its appearance.

The only exception is spectacular 20-inch wheels. The interior is designed in the same style as the first show car: the front panel here are five displays.

Side screens are used to display images from the outside cameras (there are no traditional mirrors on the car).

The multimedia system of the concept can be controlled by both voice and gestures. The complex has built-in telematics with 5G connection, so you can connect to the car remotely.

Sony Vision-S 02 2026.

Moreover, this functionality can please even the passengers of the electric car who are bored on the road.

For example, they can connect to their Sony PlayStation and play a game with the help of cloud technologies.

In this case, the picture will be shown on monitors in the backs of the front seats, and the regular audio system will provide separate audio streams for each of the passengers.

In terms of technology, the electric Sony Vision-S 02 is built on the same platform as the mentioned Vision-S.

It reaches a length of 4,895 mm, a width of 1,930 mm, and a height of 1,651 mm. Its wheelbase is 3,030 mm.

Sony Vision-S 02 2026.

Suspension of the crossover is pneumatic, and the standard ground clearance is declared at the level of 157 millimeters.

There is a 272-horsepower electric motor on each axis of the concept, due to which the peak power of the installation reaches 544 hp.

It is known that the curb weight of the crossover is 2,480 kg (130 kg compared to the sedan).

It is able to accelerate up to 180 km/h (- 60). The prototype Sony Vision-S 02 has an autonomous driving system, the functionality of which corresponds to the second level of autonomy.

Numerous sensors and sensors (including lidar) installed around the perimeter of the body are responsible for the orientation in space here.

Since Sony has already presented two concepts and launched a separate automotive division, its entry into the automotive market seems to be a done deal. However, no one knows when it will happen.


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