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SP Automotive Chaos 2022.

SP Automotive Chaos 2022.

SP Automotive Chaos 2022.

SP Automotive Chaos 2022. Greek record-breaking ultra-car Chaos: 3,107 hp and over 500 km/h for €12.4 million.

Spyros Panopoulos Automotive (SP Automotive for short) has declassified its first model, the all-wheel drive supercar Chaos with a gasoline 4.0-liter V10 biturbo engine and incredible specifications.

Two modifications will be offered — Earth Version with 2077 hp and Zero Gravity with 3107 hp.

SP Automotive’s founder is Greek engineer, racer and entrepreneur Spyros Panopoulos, who has been involved in 3D modeling, additive technology and composite materials in the application of racing, extreme and simply exotic cars and motorcycles for more than twenty years.

Last year, Panopoulos announced his own car Chaos, in which he wanted to accumulate all his engineering experience and impress the world with previously unseen dynamic performance — because of them the car is positioned as an ultra-car, showing the superiority over the «normal» hypercars and supercars.

Premiere was supposed to be held this spring, but because of the pandemic COVID-19 was a bit delayed — absentee presentation was held yesterday, live demonstration is still ahead.

Chaos is not the most elegant and rather bulky two-seat mid-engine car with a large front overhang and very low ground clearance, questioning the possibility of its use outside the race track.

Overall length is 5035 mm, width is 2068 mm, height is 1121 mm, and wheelbase is 2854 mm.

SP Automotive Chaos 2022.

The Chaos is based on a tub-monocoque made of Zylon composite material with the use of synthetic and organic fibers.

The outer skin is made of titanium, magnesium and carbon-kevlar.

Curb weight of the Earth Version is 1,388 kg, Zero Gravity — 1,272 kg.

The aerodynamic efficiency of the body is «at the level of Formula 1 cars», but the active elements are not declared.

V10 engine with a displacement of 3955.8 cm3, the angle of separation of 90 degrees, 40 valves, combined injection (20 injectors) and lubrication system with a dry crankcase — entirely in-house production.

Block and heads are milled aluminum alloy, valves and camshafts are hollow.

Pistons, rods and even the crankshaft are 3D-printed.

SP Automotive Chaos 2022.

The maximum output on the Earth Version is 2077 hp and 1389 Nm, and the top speed is 11,000 rpm.

On the Zero Gravity version, the engine is equipped with more efficient turbochargers with carbon fiber reinforced plastic housings and composite impellers, carbon fiber manifolds, titanium crankshaft, ceramic pistons and connecting rods.

Maximum output is 3107 hp and 1983 Nm, with a top speed of 12,200 rpm.

Transmission is automatic, DCT type (with two clutches), 7- or 8-speed.

No details about all-wheel drive system. Suspension — on double wishbones «around the circle» made of titanium and magnesium.

Brakes — carbon ceramic, with 3D-printed hubs and calipers, diameter of front disks — 482 mm, rear — 442 mm. The wheels, of course, are also 3D-printed, 21- or 22-inch.

The interior also widely used 3D printing and ultralight materials. The instrument panel is built into the steering wheel and is supplemented with a projection screen, and there is its own large-format «scoreboard» in front of the only passenger.

SP Automotive Chaos 2022.

There is a system of facial recognition, voice control and health monitoring of the pilot, in case he wants to test the limits of the ultracar.

Chaos Earth Version accelerates to 100 km/h in 1,9 s, to 300 km/h — in 7,9 s, Zero Gravity does the same in 1,55 and 7,1 s respectively, the top speed in both cases is over 500 km/h.

According to Carscoops magazine, SP Automotive plans to make 20 copies of Chaos for each continent of the Earth (it is not clear only whether there will be a run for Antarctica) and will sell them through the auction house Sotheby’s. Earth Version costs from 5.5 million euros, Zero Gravity — from 12.4 million euros.

The first copies will be shipped to customers in early 2022.

SP Automotive Chaos 2022.

SP Automotive promises a new world speed for production cars, which now belongs to the SSC Tuatara (455.3 km/h) in the classic two-way international method and the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ (490.484 km/h) when driven in one direction.

The Chaos will try to set the record at the same place as the Bugatti: on the Volkswagen test track in the German municipality of Era-Lessin (Lower Saxony).

SP Automotive also announced other, much less ambitious novelties: the Cubicle electric city car and the Zion five-seat hydrogen liftback, but we will talk about them another time, in a separate post.

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