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SsangYong Rexton 2022.

SsangYong Rexton 2022.

SsangYong Rexton 2022.

SsangYong Rexton 2022: Korean all-terrain vehicle in rear- and four-wheel drive versions.

After a short pause, the Korean auto industry represented by SsangYong Motor Company announced the production of a five-door frame SUV SsangYong Rexton 2022, created on the technological basis of the same type of Mercedes-Benz analogue.

The new model meets the needs of wealthy middle-aged men who value in their cars a harmonious combination of power, travel comfort and real off-road potential.

Restyling has identified itself with new design solutions in the external appearance, significant modernization of the salon interior, edited parameters of the suspension and chassis.

Potential buyers are also provided with a choice of four engines with modern high-speed traction and flow-rate characteristics.


In contrast to the previous model, decorated with retro-style elements, the new Rexton 2022 body demonstrates the sporty-aggressive appearance characteristic of American and Japanese all-terrain vehicles.

Traditionally, the most expressive and presentable Korean SUV looks from the front. Attention is attracted by:

SsangYong Rexton 2022.

dynamic profiles of ribbed bonnet sides converging to the leading edge;

decorative chrome plating of the massive octagonal perimeter and textured coarse mesh of the new radiator cladding;

C-shaped LED outlines of running lights of rectangular blocks of front optics.

The front end includes an interesting interpretation of the fog lamps, a protruding massive bumper, a large format of ventilation diffusers and cross lamellas of the ventilation air intake mesh.

The off-road surroundings of the new brand lineup are complemented by a set of expressive stepped reliefs.

SsangYong Rexton 2022 looks less aggressive on videos and promotional photos from a profile perspective.

SsangYong Rexton 2022.

In the area of ​​attention are typical off-road body proportions with a short engine compartment, a nominal slope of a flat roof with a set of silver roof rails, decorated in a classic crossover style with the stern. In the structural and design features of the sidewalls:

high elevated side glazing line;

stylish mirrors and wave body reliefs characteristic of early brand designs;

the rounded corners of the rectangular wheel arches and the petal pattern of the 180-inch cast aluminum-composite rims.

High ground clearance, compact body kits, the presence of a footboard and protective sill plates confirm the off-road status of the new Rexton 2022 model declared by the manufacturer.

The canons of the crossover layout classics of the rear side of the body are creatively refined.

In the area of ​​attention is the usual combination of a massive spoiler and a sloping rear window, a vertical plane decorated with corporate symbols and stepped reliefs of the tailgate, branded graphics of wedge-shaped marker-stop lamps.

In the lower segment of the stern, attention is drawn to the design of the body kit made in one monoblock and the diagonal protective panel.

The new body design was positively assessed by the participants and visitors of the corporate presentation.

SsangYong Rexton 2022.


Expanding the range and improving the quality of finishing materials for the five-seater salon only partially compensates for the conservative design style. In particular:

digital tidy is promised only in the top-end modification;

the side spokes of the multifunction steering wheel and the center console are overloaded with a large number of small buttons and switches;

the information content of the 7-inch media-command display leaves much to be desired.

In contradiction with modern automotive fashion, massive perimeters of ventilation deflectors and panels decorated in the style of two thousandths with activators of component options are included.

The appearance of the tunnel, equipped with a nominal list of organizers, including a refrigeration chamber located in the area of ​​the armrest, is not much better.

There are no complaints about the comfort and ergonomics of the seats. In the service of the front seats, full-fledged lateral support, three adjusting ranges, heating and ventilation.

SsangYong Rexton 2022.

The second-row sofa partially compensates for the lack of similar amenities with a large amount of free space for each of the three riders.

After a simple transformation of the rear sofa, the loading volume of the luggage compartment increases from the standard 678 liters to 2086 liters.


The body dimensions of 4755 x 1900 and 1840 mm, originally incorporated in the layout of the SUV, are left unchanged in the new version.

The structural differences of the Sang Yong Rexton 2022 undercarriage:

lightweight spar frame;

spring-multi-link suspension, comfortable for its class;

a full range of effective disc brakes, stabilizers and active safety systems.

The displacement of the base 2.2-liter diesel engine left room for an increase in power from 178 to 199 hp. and an increase in peak thrust up to 440 N • m.

The power characteristics of the engine are fully realized by the 8-speed rear- or all-wheel drive automatic transmission of the Hyundai Transys series.

The test drive has been completed, its results will be known a little later. According to reliable data, the average consumption of heavy fuel per 100 km of distance is only 7.3-7.6 liters.

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