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Subaru Ascent 2023.

Subaru Ascent 2023.

Subaru Ascent 2023.

Subaru is going to bring to the Russian car market a new version of the Outback and the Ascent crossover.

The Japanese carmaker is planning to update its lineup for the Russian market.

Russian drivers will be able to buy a station wagon on the Russian market with an updated turbo engine in early 2023.

This power plant with an output of 2.4 liters is already available in the U.S. auto market and produces 264 hp and 375 Nm.

For our country Outback is offered only with atmospheric 188-horsepower motor with the working volume of 2,5 liters coupled with a variator transmission and all-wheel drive system.

Outback of the sixth generation is on sale in the Russian market since last summer. This foreign car is based on the SGP (Subaru Global Platform) platform.

This base is suitable for creating all novelties of the brand. Due to the use of high-strength steel, the stiffness of the suspension in the front end has increased, and the rigidity of the rear subframe and the bending of the body has increased by 100%.

Subaru Ascent 2023.

In Russia the new Ascent model will also start to be sold. However, its appearance should be expected in the next two or three years, when the debut of the updated model of the next generation will take place.

Now the parketnik with a body length of 5 meters is on sale exclusively in the American car market.

Subaru Ascent 2023.

The model is propelled by a turbocharged unit with a working volume of 2.4 liters with 265 horsepower paired with a stepless variator transmission and the branded X-Mode all-wheel drive system.

Japanese are promising to bring Subaru Ascent crossover to the Russian Federation: but there is a nuance. It has become known that Subaru is preparing several new products for the Russian market.

Subaru Ascent 2023.

For example, they promise to bring to us an all-terrain Outback 6 generation wagon with a top engine which is currently offered only in the U.S.

The question is about a 2,4-liter turbo-engine capacity of 264 hp. (which has replaced the former atmospheric «six» with working volume of 3,6 liters.

Let’s note that at the present time Outback is offered in the Russian Federation with non-alternative 2.5-liter power unit with 188 «horses».

Subaru Ascent 2023.

Exact terms of appearance of such modification are not named, but it is expected that it will happen not soon — tentatively only in early 2023.

Another new feature should be a large crossover Ascent, which is one step higher than the Forester.

The company promised to bring the current Subaru Ascent to Russia several years ago, but it failed to do so.

Time will tell if it can be done now, and now they are talking about a car of the next generation to be introduced in 2-3 years.

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