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Subaru BRZ 2022.

Subaru BRZ 2022.

Subaru BRZ 2022.

Subaru BRZ 2022 — debut of the second generation coupe (new engine and interior).
The history of the two-door sports car in the back of a coupe began with the fact that two auto giants — Toyota and Subaru, decided to jointly create a lightweight sports car.

Since both companies made an equal contribution to the development of this car, they had equal rights to it.

Then the twin car Toyota GT86 was born, having an identical technical part. These machines were first shown in 2011.

Today, the cooperation of the two companies continues and very soon it will be possible to see the updated generation of the Subaru BRZ.


The updated generation, introduced not so long ago in California (USA), has received a number of major changes. The exterior of the car was no exception. First of all, the «pattern» of the radiator grill has changed.

Subaru BRZ 2022.

In comparison with the previous generation, it has become wider and narrower. Her low disposition added to the aggression. Instead of fog lights, air ducts appeared.

The silhouette of the head optics was corrected, eliminating intricate bends. Now the headlights of the car bear a resemblance to ladies’ eyes.

This is especially emphasized by the tinted stripes drawn along the contour of the lenses.

The car has also changed in profile. The small air fins located behind the front wheel on the fender have been removed.

Instead, engineers have introduced huge gills designed to redistribute air flow and remove excess air.

Subaru BRZ 2022.

As a result, it was possible to improve aerodynamics. The side sills of the car protrude beyond the doors and have elegant curves.

In addition to the aesthetic component, they also increase the rigidity of the body. In general, it increased by 1.5 times for torsion.

At the rear, the changes were made to the shape of the headlights. In the previous generation BRZ, they were narrowed inward, now they seem to be turned 180 degrees — the narrowing goes in the opposite direction.

The number plate also migrated from the vertical part of the trunk lid to the rear bumper.

Salon and equipment

The interior has the atmosphere of a classic Japanese sports car. Only Japanese designers manage to combine the style of traditional minimalism with the complex relief of internal elements.

Subaru BRZ 2022.

The round gearshift knob plays a special role in the perception of style. The dashboard is also filigree. Fully electronic, it feels like analog.

The effect is achieved by placing special overlays of appropriate shapes on the display. There is a rounded protrusion above the dashboard itself. It was removed from the center of the dashboard in the updated generation.

The center panel houses an 8-inch display of the multimedia system with navigation. The complex itself is able to interact with smartphones by supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Equipped with Subaru Brz Subaru EyeSight system, which increases driving safety. It reads road signs, has a rear view camera, cruise control, and a dual wide-angle lens system to recognize pedestrians, cars and other sudden obstacles in front of the car.

It is impossible not to say about the sports seats with full lateral support, which are included in the basic configuration.

Moreover, it is present not only in the lumbar region, but also in the shoulder area and even on the pillow itself to support the hips.

Subaru BRZ 2022.


It was reported a while ago that the updated Subaru BRZ could be built on a new versatile platform. However, the engineers decided to leave their own model platform.

It, however, was finalized.
The front subframe has been redesigned and its torsional stiffness has been increased by 60%.

Subaru has the following dimensions:

Length, mm — 4265
Width, mm — 1775
Height, mm — 1311
Wheelbase, mm — 2575

It is worth noting that the car has become longer compared to the previous version, and the wheelbase has increased by 5 mm.

A non-turbocharged engine will be used as a motor, as previously assumed. BRZ will receive a 2.4-liter boxer engine.

It will be able to produce 228 hp. power and 249 Nm of torque. Weighing in at 1,307 kg, with rear-wheel drive, that’s more than enough.

There are two gearboxes: 6-speed mechanics and 6-speed automatic.


The competitors will be the updated Mazda MX-5, BMW 2 Series Coupe and Audi TT. These cars are also rear-wheel drive, except for Audi, which is front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The latter will give a head start on a straight line. But in the corners BRZ will show itself as a real sports car.

Release date and prices

Production of the new BRZ 2022 model is slated for fall 2021. Subaru’s main target is the US markets. The car will not be brought to Europe. Unfortunately, it is too early to talk about the final cost.

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